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Monday, November 8, 2010

I inherited that calm from my father, who was a farmer. You sow, you wait for good or bad weather, you harvest, but working is something you always need to do. ~Miguel Indurain

Kirby is my outside cat.  From the moment he got here he couldn't wait to get outside into the big wide outdoors where so many interesting things were happening.  And he loves nothing more than to have his people join him so yesterday he was in his element.  

I love my Dino.  As sons go he's pretty amazing but he has a few odd quirks.  See he dug me this massive vegetable patch ~ & he bought a huge amount of veggies; with his own money!    It is extraordinary how little Dino ever manages to pay for  so the fact he paid good money for these things was rather amazing in itself.  And a mate gave him another lot of unwanted seedlings ~ all of which Dino assured me he would get around to planting out in time.

I am a busy woman & my time at home is pretty fully occupied with my usual round of housework & overseeing the Star, who doesn't like to be overseen but rarely works unless she is.  It took several days but I suddenly realised I was constantly moving this massive tray of seedlings around my kitchen & they were starting to look rather sad because not only had they not been planted out, the Dino had failed to water them as well.  Then I tripped over a huge icecream container of seedlings that had just been abandoned on the verandah & was beyond sad, looking pale & wan & decidedly unwell.  To say nothing of the chili plants I found abandoned in my car!

I decided it was time mummy took charge & left Star with her math ~ which arrived promptly after the deadline for work return ~ to plant out all the seedlings residing where they should not.  Kirby spotted me as soon as I set foot out the door & threw himself round my feet in a paroxysm of delight then rushed to be ever so helpful by pushing his nose in amongst the punnets & tangling round the spade & snuffling my grimy hands & otherwise informing me that I should do this much more often.

Marlow was less than happy.  He is not an outside cat & he has issues every time his person disappears from sight.  I was beset by blood~curdling howls of anguish every time Marlow lost sight of me & anxious chirrupings as I pottered about  but the good news is everything is now planted out & doing really well.

That is the 3rd planting ~ & hopefully the last.  Dino heads of down to Dubbo next week to bring in the wheat harvest & the veggies become my responsibility!  This is not good news as rehearsal times are about to escalate & neither Star nor I are going to be here.  Liddy will be home by the end of the month so hopefully she will turn the hose on the garden occasionally ~ or perhaps God will just keep pouring water from the sky as He has been doing so regularly all year.


Ruby said...

It is shaping up as a rainy Summer, so Lord willing, you will soon have a flourshing vegie patch!
I know all about moving people's stuff around, except here it is usually car related. Your home always sounds like organized chaos, which is very like my own!

Ganeida said...

Ruby: well, you got the chaos part right! ;D

joyfulmum said...

I'm just thinking of those yummy vegies you're going to harvest in due time:) Yes, hope the rain continues this summer. I am hoping for a cooler summer than last year that's for sure!

Jo said...

As you know I have an outdoor cat (Charlie) and one indoors (Ruby). On a sunny days Charlie calls me to come out side with her and walk around the garden smelling the flowers (she loves to smell everything), then we sit on the bench and "chat" making sure that Charlie is getting lots of pats and attention. During this time Ruby is sitting next to the front door waiting for me and making me feel guilty. When I am indoors I am followed around by Ruby and can't even visit the toilet without Ruby coming with me. I am never alone!!

Duchess said...

Will Dino stop and visit here if he has time? We are after all on the way to Dubbo (well, sort of, depending on which way he goes!) Please tell him he will be welcome to stop by.

seekingmyLord said...

I am not sure what I need but we are working here and there to prepare gardens for next spring. I cannot wait for the rabbits to add their contributions! No, we do not have them yet, but we are nearly ready. I was going to make some calls to find if any are available.