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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Gothic made the Guiness Book of Records as the largest symphony ever composed.

I may regret this yet but I've done it; I've booked 3 tickets for the working rehearsal of the Gothic: Liddy, Ma & me.  Liddy gets to drive.

It's been 30 years since the last performance of this thing ~ & with good reason.  The performers are going to outnumber the audience.  This is the first time it's been performed outside England & I'm pretty sure by the time we get to this rehearsal things are going to be pretty fraught.  Thank goodness the girl has no nerves to speak of & a tranquil disposition that takes the melodramatic rantings of fraught artistes in her stride!  I'm pretty sure she's going to need all the sang froide she can muster.

As to whether we'll enjoy it...well, let's just say the 3.5 hours allowed for this rehearsal is a conservative estimate....The things I do for love. ♥


Ruby said...

Three and a half hours!
That is a marathon. To say nothing of the fact that you probably know every bit of it pretty well by now. :-)
Break a leg, Star!

Ganeida said...

Actually, Ruby, I only know the children's chorus. We haven't got to hitching up with the adult choirs, the orchestras or the brass bands yet. It is so mammoth!

The HoJo's said...

ooooh so exciting, so wish could be there for that one :o)


Ganeida said...

Hojos: You want to go to this? And here I was thinking I was slightly insane.

Finding Joy said...

Have fun, but I can't imagine enjoying the long drive!

Unknown said...

It sounds like great fun! I enjoy musical productions, but seldom actually get to attend one. All the best to Star as she performs.

seekingmyLord said...

To have three to five hours devoted to just crocheting or x-stitching with music, what a treat! The Princess' piano teacher usually does not let the parents sit in on rehearsals, because she likes the parents to be surprised with the end result.