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Friday, November 5, 2010

 You'd have thought they'd had enough of water for the time being, but no.
 Liddy dilly~dallied so long about packing her bag & heading of we were destined to get wet somewhere along the line.

And I get to gloat ~ just a little bit~ because mostly gloatable moments pass me by.  See I have been travelling in & out to Rathdowny via Beenleigh.  It is the simplest route of the many we have tried ~ & I'm pretty sure we've tried them all.  Liddy, who had an appointment at Beaudesert on Thursday, decided to drive in & out rather than going back to the farm a day early & snootily informed us she was going the Beenleigh route.  She assures us she did not get lost!  She just wasn't where she should have been.  Her hour & a half trip took 3!  She gave herself a huge migraine. *snigger* [not about the migraine.]

So she ranted at me the whole way out to Beenleigh yesterday about my awful directions ~ only to find it wasn't my directions at all.  She got all the way to the state border by her very own self!  None of us have any idea how because everything is beautifully signposted.  I should know.  I'm the signpost lady. 
We had a wonderful cuppa with Sile ~ & it was very appreciated because we drove through a massive storm with bucketloads of rain & sheet lightening illuminating miles of sky.  Not the easiest driving.  Even Lid slowed down despite the fact country people drive like maniacs in all sorts of weather & the lads behind us did not appreciate her caution at all.  Her mummy did though!

Liddy was a bit loathe to see us drive off back down the mountain but she will be home again soon with a new adventure about to begin.  This is her last stint at the farm ~ just when I've worked out how to get there & back without stressing!  Sad.  So for the first time I felt comfortable taking a tea break at Beaudesert so Star could eat.  We sat outside the KFC umbrellas in the centre of town; typically country Australian with the requisite war memorial.  Beaudesert is a tired old town & although it has improved somewhat it is never going to be more than a rather dilapidated collection of buildings in the middle of nowhere but it serves the surrounding country districts well.

We made good time home while discussing Star's audition piece for next year ~ always a quandry.  What is the child to sing?  No doubt she will choose something eventually.


Ruby said...

It fascinates me how we, who call ourselves Stay-at-Home-Mums spend so much time out of it ~ especially in the car :-)
Have a lovely, relaxing? weeekend.

Mrs. C said...

Your girls are lovely. And so is that little town square! So picturesque.

Amanda said...

So what will dear Miss Liddy be doing after this stint at the farm?

I remember Beaudesert. ;)

Jo said...

I had family in Beaudesert and visited my aunt and cousins there many years ago. It was a great holiday, it was my first taste of the tropics!

You are a very busy lady.

Ganeida said...

Ruby: I know. Don't you love it? So much for the home part of homeschooling!

MrsC: I'm worried if you think Beaudesert is picturesque! Perhaps your unjaded eyes sees beauties mine have missed?

Amanda: Not sure at this point apart from study. She has several courses lined up.

Jo: Yes, I have family out of town on property. We stop in occassionally. It breaks a rather long trip rather nicel though Beaudesert is hardly *tropical* do you think?

I am busy ~ but it is a blessing.

Jan Lyn said...

How wonderful the water looks and the girls so beautiful! I hardly know where to comment, for being so far behind these days. But be certain I have enjoyed dipping into your blog...and wish I could dip into that ocean.
The weather is crisp here, so it looks all the more tempting.
I am overwhelmed and not keeping up with life in cyberspace, but please know that I hold your family in my prayers when you come to mind.
Jan Lyn

Ember said...

:0) I like getting to know your family.

Sandra said...

I sit at home, feeling the weight of the world upon my shoulders. Not wanting to speak to anyone.....and you and yours go about life. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere. But I won't look too closely.

I think Liddy will miss the farm.

Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: ☺ Always happy to have you drop in. I know you have your own challenges so not to fret. Prayers aklways gladly welcomed ~ & we remember you & your also.

Ember: As I do yours. ☺

Sandra: Do I have a choice? ☺ Liddy will definitely miss the farm but even good things come to an end & the farm has come to its natural end.

seekingmyLord said...

Catching up here. I have not been reading anything on the Internet for most of the week.