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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. ~Garrison Keillo

 The girls have had a nice time together...
 & even done some work. ☺ With so much rain the veggies have established really well & we have high hopes they will survive until the Christmas hordes descend~ when they will be sorely needed.
But all good things must come to an end  so we are packing the girl up today & returning her to the farm.  She will be back soon but in the interim we have rehearsals ~ & more rehearsals.  QPAC, here we come!


alecat said...

Time to be with friends is important. That's great that they had such a good time together. :)

Catherine xx

Jo said...

Nice photos.

Ruby said...

You'll miss her....again.
Hope those rehearsals are paying off, Star!
Hugs to you both. She'll be home again soon, Lord willing.

Sandra said...

I don't know if I told you this before, but Garrison Keillor lived in my neighborhood when I lived in Saint Paul. He is still there. I am not. As I have grown older, I have developed an appreciation for him.

He also owns a bookstore in St. Paul

LightBulb_88 said...

Ganeida, of course you had to choose the photo where we are all squinting like strange people with salt water eyes!! I'm sure there was one photo where all three of us managed to look semi-normal ;)