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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday's Trivia.

I have an extensive vocabulary but for those of you who occasionally have trouble with my *Australianisms* today's trivia is about how much more incomprehensible I could be if I chose because Australians do some pretty terrible things to their native language.

Firstly I believe Americans eat something called a *sloppy joe*. Have no idea what that is but you'd be hard put eating one out here because a sloppy joe is a skivvy. I won't say jumper because I believe that's a dress but out here a jumper is a sloppy joe which is a skivvy.

If you put on your *wobbly boot* you do not have uneven footwear but have been indulging a little too freely in the *amber ambrosia* [beer]. Out Bogabilla way [yes, it exists] they named the local pub the Wobby Boot.

Moving right along. America has ranches. I believe they get pretty big. We only have stations. The Anna Creek Station covered 12 ooo square miles! No, that is not a typo. Sir Sydney Kidman owned a series of stations that covered an area greater than the U.K. The biggest of the stations still are pretty much self sufficient with what amounts to a small township on the property. Well, you'd have to wouldn't you, when the nearest neighbour is hundreds of miles away?!

And last but not least a salute to that Aussie icon the *thunderbox*, also known as *the long drop*. This is the outside dunny, usually a corrugated iron monstrosity with a big hole [the long drop] with an old open ended tin bucket & a splintery wooden seat. They are absolute shockers & usually home to an assortment of spiders & various other wildlife. ☺


Mrs. C said...

Dunnies being "dungarees" or pants, right?


Ok, seriously, in NZ "packing a wobbly" is having a temper fit.

Molytail said...

Your timing is spooky... we are having sloppy joes for supper in about an hour! Perhaps I will have to take a photo LOL *grin*

Basically, it's hamburger mixed with sauce/spices and served on top of open buns. You can make your own sauce, or you can buy in it a can - like us lazy folk in this house do. We use the manwich stuff :-P

Ha - and "skivvy" means something else here as well.. if you're running about in your "skivvies", you're likely to get laughed at - or possibly arrested, as you'd be in your underwear!

Ganeida said...

Dunnie, in case you weren't joking, is a toilet. lol

Chucking a wobbly is a tantrum .

& moly I forgot skivvies means something else over there. lol Now what word works? Guernsey? jersy? Hoodie ~without the hood? sweater ~ without the open front? Man, you people are difficult! ☺

Mrs. C said...

Yeah, I was joking LOL. I like pulling your leg like that.

Jumpers here are sweaters and crazy people at the tops of bridges.

Mrs. C said...

I meant jumpers HERE are overalls and there they're sweaters. LONG day.

Ganeida said...

Nope, MrsC, overalls are mechanic's pants, not a dress. Weird all round, this language thing.

Molytail said...

*drumroll plz*

Sloppy Joe

More specifically, Cindy's sloppy joe - yes I actually took a photo LOL

as for a 'jumper' ... jumper -- google image there.. that's a 'jumper' to me.. they come in adult sizes, slightly diff styles.


COVERalls for mechanics

and is this what you call a jumper? Hoodie without a hood, sweater without the opening.. we call it a sweatshirt or pullover. Sweaters would be either with or without an opening, but would be knitted or something like that. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Well I see you've been properly corrected, so I don't have anything to say. :-( LOL

Birbitt said...

Language is a very funny thing I agree. I have family that lives in the UK and I must say that some of their words confuse the daylights out of me, and I still have trouble remembering some of them even after I've been told several times. I have still yet to figure out what a Pram is except that I know it's supposed to be for a baby in some way or another. Wonder why everything must be so difficult?

Ganeida said...

Yikes Birbitt! What do you guys call a pram? Or maybe you don't have them?

Moly: I did a point by point answer but my computer ate it before I could save it or anything but yeah, sweatshirt comes closest to a jumper, only they're usually woollen. Only the white goods guys wear stuff like what you call coveralls ~ WHITE ones! lol

Britwife said...

A pram is what we call a "stroller" for a baby in the U.S.
We have our own language barriers here in the Britwife household...Mr. Britwife talks funny. :)

Ganeida said...

Britwife! Yay! Just the person to ask. Here there is a difference between a pram & a stroller so is a pram a stroller there * if a stroller is a pram what do you call a stroller?