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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Opinionated ramblings.

Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn't always have to be their top priority. ~William Arthur Ward

Instead of piano this Saturday we will be at one of the leading girls schools in Queensland ~ Moreton Bay College. Naturally we will not be there for academic purposes but they have a very snazzy music centre. I think about the only thing I envy about elitist schools is they have the funds for this sort of thing. Our state schools certainly don't & then the government adds insult to injury by funding the private schools & all too often they get more government funding than the state schools do. It is a long & involved argument with rights & wrongs on both sides but having gone to an elitist school I happen to be of the opinion that they are extremely over~rated.

Yes, I like the emphasis on good manners & respect. No, I don't like the conveyor belt mentality that wants to churn out a long assembly line of clones. I have always had an overly high regard for individuals who dare to be just that ~ individual ~ so schools like this rather make my blood run cold. Actually any sort of herd mentality tends to have that effect on me ~ yes, even choir though I quite understand that without it it is absolutely impossible to achieve a united sound. I just happen to have an aversion to things like crowds, herd mentalities, & popular opinion. Think Hitler ...

Yes, I'm rambling rather more than usual this morning. It is bitter here & our big rooms are freezing cold even with the heating. However Moreton Bay is one of our older schools with a bit of history attached to it & lovely old grounds so I will enjoy having a poke around though our camera is on the blink, so sorry folks, no pictures.

I didn't think Ditz would be going. Her new VM uniform was ordered more than 6 weeks ago & the poor child can't possibly squeeze in to her old one. She is bursting out all over. To save her blushes I won't say how many bra sizes she's just gone up but I nearly died when I bought her new ones this week! Seriously?! I've nursed 5 children & never even come close!

Anyway the uniforms arrived last night so we are good to go. I was starting to think Ditz wouldn't get to wear it even once before she'd outgrown it. They are doing a joint choir thing with the college with a repertoire that includes: Non Nobis Domine & Ave Maria as well as things like Little Fishy which Ditz assures me is a pirate song & which we both love to hate. I have been listening to the repertoire for weeks but Ditz, who has picked up a cold, is struggling with some notes & was in hot water last night for consistently singing something wrong. Not often that happens & she was not a happy bunny. She got to rehearse all on her own in front of the whole choir. It's not kind of me to snigger but I sure did find it funny.

So another early start & given how far our temps are plummeting overnight I can't see either Ditz or I enjoying that early morning boat ride. I do not know how those of you in snowy climes manage at all!


The HoJo's said...

Long live the rebels :o)
hope Ditz is feeling better soon


Sandra said...

We don't survive, we persevere! You are a character, no doubt. : )

seekingmyLord said...

Think HOT chocolate! ;)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Ganeida,
It was absolutely freezing here this morning, literally. There was ice everywhere, and it's still cold, even with the combustion fire roaring away. I hope that Ditz soon feels better.