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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday memories.

In winter, when the dismal rain comes down in slanting lines, and wind, that grand old harper, smote his thunder-harp of pines. - Alexander Smith Our yard has been looking like this again. It has rained & rained & then it rained some more. We have an outside line & no dryer so when it rains like this the washing piles up on the bathroom floor & the Indians start bleating that they have nooooothing to weeeear!

Once it was not a problem. It was keeping clothes on the boys that was the issue. However it never rains in bucket loads that I don't think of this picture. Not a good picture I grant, but you should just be able to make out 2 dark specs in the middle of the rather large puddle. That, dear readers, is my boys.

It had been raining like that for some time, as you can tell by the size of the puddle. Days even. Which is why they were given permission to go outside & play in the downpour. And what are they doing? Dear readers, I confess to you, they are fishing. That's right. You heard correctly. My not so bright not quite 3 year olds are standing up to their knees in a dirty puddle & the teeming rain with a couple of sticks staring fixedly into the water waiting for the telling tug on their lineless rod that says they have ~ a fish!

I did think they were short the full quid or so but then I once found their big brother perched on a pile of smooth round stones *hatching* them! So not going there!

So it has been raining by the bucket load & my yard looks like an overflowing swimming pool. The boys, who are landscaping, get the day off when it rains like that. I've never understood why. They come home. They eat all my food. Then they round up tackle & bait & rods & go & stand in the deluge somewhere waiting for that tell~tale tug on their line. Some things just haven't changed all that much. Bigger puddle but they were still fishless when they came home.


Persuaded said...

ahhhh.... hahaha.... i don't know which is cuter/more humorous the boys fishing in the puddle, or the other one hatching the rocks. i must say you tell both tales very well:D

thanks for the laugh my dear... oh, and i'm hostessing another give away. an apron (all sewn up this time;))

Persuaded said...

hey.. me again;)

I just wanted to let you know that I don't mind mailing overseas AT ALL... in fact if you won I would be so tickled I could hardly stand it (but secretly, of course;))

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
Could you please send any rain that you don't want down here? We sure could use it.

Mrs. C said...

WOW that's one puddle! ONE large puddle. Do you have a basement? It must be pretty bad if you do.

MamaOlive said...

I used to love to play in the rain. Now I wonder why my mother ever let us. What a mess when they come in!

Thanks for the chuckle.

Allison said...

I've never gone fishing. But I imagine all the waiting around is peaceful.