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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cat Drama.

"After scolding one's cat one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference."- Charlotte Gray
So I got home Saturday night totally exhausted. Wiped. Zombied out. My mind was on bed. Zero luck with that one.

"Deal with your cat," said Dearest. "He's been like that for 6 hours."
I had noticed Issi hadn't rushed to greet me or been waiting anxiously watching for the car but he's like that sometimes, curled up & too lazy to perform his catly duties. It was late, close to 1ish, so I hadn't really expected him. I thought he'd be curled up with his favourite thing of the moment~ the heater!

Nope. I stuck my head out the door & there was Issi pressed up against the glass looking completely bewildered. According to Dearest Iss had tried his usual trick of huffing & puffing & growling like a bull mastiff to get rid of the ginger intruder on his territory but Miss Ginger was in love & not prepared to be run off by a bad tempered cad in a grey suit & white bib. Iss then wasn't sure what to do. I said hello to both cats. Miss Ginger, totally domesticated & very affectionate. Iss was upset but not overly so until I picked him up & brought him in with Miss Ginger hot on my heels!

Oh boy! Iss was outraged, especially as the very first thing Miss Ginger did was hop in his litter box, dig a huge hole & make a hefty deposit. Liddy was delighted & scolded Iss with, " See Iss; that's how it's done!"

Now I could very easily be the proverbial cat lady. Cats & I, we're simpatico. Dearest is a dog man. He's fought a losing battle for the canine species for years but as I'm the one who looks after the animals we've had cats & because we've had cats the kids are cat people too. However Dearest has formed really close bonds with our cats & he is always adamant the resident cat not be upset by an intruder. It's not fair. True, but cats, like kids, get over it & generally learn to tolerate each other reasonably well.

Iss was having none of it so out Miss Ginger went. I put down some food for her but agreed with Dearest. She is far too well groomed to be completely homeless. Unless, of course, she is newly dumped. However I had a cat outside who desperately wanted to come in & a cat inside desperate to get out & the howling & wailing & snarling went on until I hung a sheet between them. Out of sight out of mind.

Iss joined us for church this morning, plonking himself in the middle of our circle. He's always been a worshipful cat so I scooped him into my lap & he settled down purring happily & praying, I am quite sure, Miss Ginger would get lost.

Later in the afternoon Iss went outside, as he normally does. He likes to sit & watch the afternoon slide past outside until his stomach insists it's feed time. Today he didn't come in. He was perched in a favourite spot looking spooked but I scooped him up & brought him in. He wasn't having any of it & rushed back outside at the first opportunity. Eventually I went looking for him to bring him in for the night. I couldn't see Iss anywhere but Miss Ginger was perched like an Egyptian goddess guarding the firepit. She is such a pretty puss, very silky & sweet tempered so I went to scratch her ears & rub her cheek & coo silly cat nonsense in her ear. In the midst of our mutual admiration I spotted Iss, hunkered down in the Mondo grass glaring balefully. Oops! So not happy.

I grabbed Iss & rushed for the door, Iss howling & Miss Ginger frantic to get there before us & slide inside. Iss yowled like all the denizens of hell while I put the sheet back up. What a circus. Getting along until I separate them. *sigh* Ditz scolded me but I'm a big softie & I snuck back out with food & milk & a box with a bit of old blanket. Iss was suspicious but I'm not confessing anything to that cat. He can draw his own conclusions when he goes looking for trouble in the morning.


Molytail said...

*grin* MEOW! So where'd the ginger come from, have you seen? We've got a gray one hangin' round our place (of course!), Cindy calls her "Bella" ...not sure if she's a stray or someone's outdoor cat.. not the best place to have an outdoor cat, between the traffic and the wandering summer wildlife..

Persuaded said...

"a worshipful cat" hehehe;)

ahhh.. the stray cat dilemma, the story of my life, as you well know. i just cannot bear the thought of a cat out there suffering and hungry... especially if they have been someone's pet in the past. the look of betrayed trust in their eyes is more than i can take. how can people abandon a pet that they have loved and cared for in their own home? i just can't imagine...

somehow i suspect this is not the end of the tale of miss ginger;)

seekingmyLord said...

I have been a stray collector also, but my Mornin' Lovin' Muffin believes he alone owns me and he is not one to share.

Anonymous said...

looks like you got your ginger puss. LOL

MamaOlive said...

I had a cat from birth, who grew up to be quite bossy and particular. Blackie would let very few people pet her, and would yowl and growl like nobody's business at any strange animal. But one day we saw the strangest thing. Blackie was standing by and peacefully watching as a stray kitten ate out of her dish! We knew we had to keep the kitten. They never were best buddies, but they tolerated each other and kept their distance. My puppy, on the other hand, thought the kitten was the greatest fetching game ever. Poor kitty.

What is the outcome of Ginger?

Sandra said...

She was probably dumped. Or she likes the company there better than at home! I have a drive-in hay loft where the barn cats live. There is a large container of food in there, so I am used to frequent guests. I have two old barn kitties who seem to tolerate the toms that come around for some food & comfort. You may have an new cat.

Birbitt said...

Most of my cats have come to me this way, as homeless cute little cats that need someone to take care of them. I always thought the rescued ones made the best pets, they seemed more appreciative of what they were given. Though it sounds like your Issi is much like my Ebony and refuses to share you with any other "furbaby" as I call them.