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Thursday, June 11, 2009

rambling bibs & bobs.

If it's incomprehensible, it's mathematics. -- Bennett Cern

Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose. ~Albert Einstein

The cowboys have a way of trussing up a steer or a pugnacious bronco which fixes the brute so that it can neither move nor think. This is the hog-tie, and it is what Euclid did to geometry. ~Eric Bell,

Black holes result from God dividing the universe by zero. ~Author Unknown

I know that two and two make four - & should be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 & 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure. ~George Gordon, Lord Byron

OK, just having a little fun at the expense of math. I should stop. The running joke in my house for years was I had 5 kids because I knew how to multiply by 5. However in real terms there are actually 7 of us & I cannot multiply by 7. Whatever it is that allows people to memorise times tables I missed it. Fingers are admirable things & I have always made excellent use of them. No, I am not joking. So when I say Ditz has better math than I do, believe me, it's true!

Thankfully life is more than maths. I was blessed recently by a visit from one of my oldest friends, Siano, who stops in on her way through to visit her mum & who is going to be passing through again soon. Though her reasons for coming are sad I do so look forward to her visits. She brings chocolate...Nah, just kidding. She does bring chocolate but she is a very witty & interesting conversationalist though Ditz one~uped her last time.

Siano sharing that her father's ashes were still in two different continents got Ditz quipping, "Puts a new light on being in two places at once!" Cracked us all right up. Ditzisms have been rife recently. She also complained:" I can't breath at both ends." Really?! Must be the age or something. Or, "The way you walked sounded like yes." Siano says it's being my daughter. Poor child.

Ditz also spotted an ad saying someone down the south end of the island had lost their ginger moggie so we left Liddy in charge of capturing said purdy & ringing the number. Not their cat but in our doorless house Liddy thoughtfully locked the cat in our pantry. I came home to an irascible Issi who couldn't believe a strange feline had been locked in with his food! Yes, we are still being visited but I am not yet convinced this cat is homeless. I do think it might be male on the verge of testosterone troubles which is what's sending Issi so rank. I can hardly run someone else's cat to the vet for a little snip job. I wish I could but I can't though it does need to be done & done sooner rather than later. Lovely cat but we are trying with limited success not to fall in love with it.

In other news we are suffering through the coldest days on record with our night temps only just above 0C. Yesterday was bitter & windy & I made quiche for dinner just so we could have the oven on. Unfortunately the boys then arrived home & there wasn't quite enough to fill everyone up so Dearest baked some spuds but as soon as the oven went off the cold pressed in like a fist. It really was unpleasant & our house, being a summer house, just isn't designed to hold the warmth. Lots & lots of glass without curtains. Brrrr. We are all too fond of our views to actually want curtains though I have been contemplating blinds for some time. Maybe. One day.

However today is better & Iss has taken up residence in the sun on the verandah. I'm off to join him. There's something beatific about the sun soaking into cold weary bones.


Molytail said...

0c? You've almost got snow weather! :-D (okay I won't grin about it LOL)

I have to think about the 7s - always had trouble with that set and often have to flip them.

"The way you walked sounded like yes" - I love it LOL *grin*

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

I feel so sorry for you. Our home is set up for the coldest of cold weather conditions, as it gets down to -8C in winter, and we have new blinds coming soon, to help keep the cold out.

Perhaps the other cat has ideas of its own, like adoption? It obviously knows that you love cats.

Persuaded said...

i completely understand your "limited success," as i am having the same issues hereabouts;)

seekingmyLord said...

A mystery of history, an ancient, mystic secret, and the enticement of Egyptian worship:
Cats select and possess people according to their own pleasure.

You are supposed to feel honored, I think....

Jan Lyn said...

Oh, keep it up with the math, it is making me feel so much better to have someone put words to my math thoughts!

We are just gearing up for summer here and my daughters are clamoring away for their lighter clothing and swimsuits. It's amazing to think about that kind of cold now...brrrrr.....keep warm!