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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Trivia.

Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it. Robbie Coltrane.

Only it's actually Wednesday here. I got behind myself somewhere along the way. So today's trivia:

Firstly take some time if you have it to spare to toddle along here & wish Kimba a Very HappY BirthdaY. That should spin her out no end. She lurks round here reading everyone's blogs but is too shy to leave comments & make herself known so I am outing her. BIG Shout Out for Kimba: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIMBA!

Secondly: if you like pretty things or cooking or sewing {especially aprons} competitions & maybe even winning something for free go here! Diane is the most beautiful sewer & is particularly fond of vintage things ~ American vintage. She has made the lovliest apron that is up for grabs if you go & leave your mark on her blog & country of living is no barrier. If you win she is happy to post internationally.

Off to round up Ditz & start running for Wednesday. Honestly all this choofing around should keep me thinner than I am but I think I am turning into my aunt. Artistically that would be wonderful. Physically ~ less than charmed I can assure you!


Allison said...

I like that word, choofing.
I realized I'm turning into my mother. That hit me a few months ago. Scary how that works, eh?

Persuaded said...

ahh girl, thanks for the linkie☺

and now, i'm off to wish kimba a happy birthday!
have a nice evening... or is it morning?

Mrs. C said...

Hi KIMBA!! :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
I'd like to wish Kimba a very happy and blessed birthday.

Body shape isn't everything - perhaps you could pray for your aunt's artistic talent, too?

Have a wonderful week.

Sandra said...

Done, she has been wished a happy birthday by me! I am once again passing an award onto you. This is becoming a habit! Please come and get it when you have a chance.

kimba said...

Thank you all for the kind wishes here and on my blog. Have had computer problems, but they seem to be fixed new computer as Birthday pressie.

seekingmyLord said...

It seems I have quite a bit of catching up to do myself. I have not read your blogs lately, a self-punishment possibly because I do so enjoy them!