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Monday, November 12, 2012

Whew!  Everything is whirling into end of year madness ~ but at least certain things will then stop.  

This week I had the school's homiletics class ~ which means I had to present something because Rhema is all about being a doer of the word, not a hearer only.  This would have been less of a problem if I were not also  preaching on Sunday ~ which would be less stressful if Dino was not graduating on Saturday....& we also have a seminar on the Thursday & break up on Wednesday.  Meanwhile I have been sitting up till midnight to co~ordinate the last of Star's work ~ the last time ever I will have to do this so a bitter sweet moment.

Always prone to panic attacks where no panic is necessary I was just a tad upset as the homeletics class was the only class I had approached with any semblance of confidence, boosted by the fact most of the class had hit a bigger panic button than mine over *public speaking*!  Not me.  I minored in drama at Uni.  If nothing else I was confident in presentation, though after a week of the Dean's bracing comments on what to do/not do I decided ignorance was definitely bliss!  Anyway, having gone to the Lord in a panic He reminded me I had been rehearsing this testimony for weeks in my head & it was just a simple matter of putting some scripture to it.  I was pleased with how it went.  It is far more nerve wracking to speak before a woman who has spoken around the world to large audiences than our little island congregation.  Dino did his today ~ very good though inexperience meant he didn't finish as he wanted having misjudged his time. 

I have Friday at home ~no classes~ & though we will go over for church as usual I will at least be able to use that day for Sunday's preparation.  I have been getting a regular spot each month, enough to keep me in practice, not enough to overburden me while I am in school.  I realised today how blessed I am to be getting that regular practice.  I am *performance hardened* as Star would happily inform me.  It's not that I don't still get nervous, because I do, but I know how to deal with it.  It is not debilitating.  I know how to engage with an audience.  What I have to watch is how I feed of the audience! lol

I am looking forward to Monday when all I still have left to deal with is is Star's singing.


Joyfulmum said...

Life has been hectic here too! Are your sermons podcast by any chance? Would love to listen to one if it was:)

Jeanne said...

Wipes brow...

Jeanne said...

9 months till Liddy comes home. That's a pregnancy.

seekingmyLord said...

I have been busy also. I know you of all people understand.

My 8yo laptop has been at its 40 gig capacity and having little problems because of it while I added the extra responsibilities of working on P&W and the church website along with homeschooling and everything else I need my computer to do in my life, so my husband decided that he would get my Christmas gift early. I now have a new widescreen, stereo, HD, Windows 7 laptop. It also has a built in camera so I do not have to run to find my camera to Skype! (Hint-So how's your laptop with Skype these days?) This new computer almost 20x the hard drive space and a soooo much faster processor will make all the things I have to do easier, of course the easier part comes after the harder part of learning the new OS and loading my programs and transferring my data.

All I really wanted for Christmas was a simple e-reader as some of the e-books I get for reviewing. I rather have the hard copies of books, but an e-reader would be nice for other things as well. I think I will use my birthday and Christmas money gifts (if I get any for Christmas) for that.

On the low tech side of my life, I have lots of baking to do this week as my church is having our Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday. I promised rolls, two pies, and my holiday cole slaw that one of the members of my church calls "purple stuff" and loves!

Ganeida, I have much to share that I cannot on my blog so I will try to put it in an email. Right now my husband teetering on leaving our current church, but I feel no leading from my Lord to change churches at this time.

Well, I need to get to homeschooling and baking. Love you!