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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Proof's in the Pudding.

Great spirits have always been violently oppressed by mediocre minds. ~ Albert Einstein

I have a little confession; I've been worried about this year ending. 

 Is Star ready for the world?

More to the point, is the world ready for Star?  

What do you do with the child who, so it seems, has been born for just one thing & one thing only, when that thing is as intangible & illusionary as music?  What work will she do?  How will she make her dreams come true?  And if they don't, how will she cope?

And of course my ego is on the line too because I've been saying loudly for years how much better homeschooling is.  It seems I was right.  I should listen to me better.

Star let me know she wanted to do the Support~a~Reader program & volunteer up at school for their reading program.  I've done this so I know what the work entails but I was rather chuffed just the same.  I thought it showed initiative. I thought it would be a great learning experience.

No.  The irony has not escaped me.  It has not escaped Star either.

Because if there is one thing you can rely on Star for it is that she is never going to march to anything but her own drummer.   Unlike her sister, who also graduated from homeschool, Star had no interest in taking any sort of an exam.  She wasn't the least bit interested in having any sort of a bit of paper that declared her a competent student.  We all know bits of paper are important.  We all know bits of paper count.  I'm academically inclined so I fretted that my daughter was making a hard row to hoe but bottom line, she's the one who will pay the price.

All term Star has arrived diligently 5 mornings a week to read with the grade 2/3 class.  Mostly she has had to walk because the school bus, which she could catch is...well, it's a school bus: noisy, crowded bedlam.  And she walks home.  Sun, rain or wind.  She is cheerful, co~operative, helpful & willing. Oh, & punctual!  She gets up early for this! She has dropped the odd clanger.  Star & math have never been a happening thing but how do you forget that the ACT is a territory & part of Australia?  Only Star!

And school loves her!!!  Enough to start chatting paid work with her.  Enough to suggest she do her Teacher Aide course on~line.  Enough to ask her if she could teach some of the kids music.

Star's going to be ok.  If she can get enough flexible work to pay for her music we'll both be happy. 

Thank you, God.  Is this sorta how you felt when you sent your son? 


seekingmyLord said...

I have at few more years obviously. The Princess has gone from wanting to be a doctor and a daycare worker at the same time (as if doctors have time to do anything else) to most recently an investigator. The changes of career choices are dizzying.

Music, art, and all that creativity can be used in so many ways or just to enrich whatever Star does.

Suzanne said...

Well your one up on me lol. I'm still convincing my 4 year old he is part of the human race and on earth. He was reading the street directory yesterday ( as you do!) and asked me mummy we go earth?

Suzanne said...

Well your one up on me lol. I'm still convincing my 4 year old he is part of the human race and on earth. He was reading the street directory yesterday ( as you do!) and asked me mummy we go earth?

Julie B. said...

I am not surprised one bit. She's had a loving, smart, praying mama. So proud of both of you. :D

Joyfulmum said...

awww, how wonderful that things are falling into place for her! you know I'm sort of realising too that I have a little performer in our home too:)

Ruby said...

Not surprised about your clever Star and also this post reminds me of the way I fretted for my daughters and yet they found their niche. I am currently praying and trying to encourage my two boys to likewise find their goal and aim for it. I feel confident this too will work out.
I hope everything is going well with you.
Love xo

Ganeida said...

Seeking The Princess will do well ~ & as you say, you have years yet. ☺

Suzannelol As you do. You are going to have a most interesting journey!!!!

JulieThank you! It is nice when the rest of the world also appreciates an original Star.☺

Rosemary Indeed you do. May your journey be blessed as well as interesting!

Ruby Ah yes. Only another homeschooling mama whose chicks have flown the coop knows what's in the heart of a homeschooling mama whose chick sits on the brink of the nest! *sigh* I am good & reading everyone's blogs madly. Just haven't felt up to commenting. I shall be so pleased when this year is done. I am tired....

Anonymous said...

You had two preaching spots coming up at the local Church, are they still happening? It must be nice to be appreciated there. Blessings, Pearl.

Ganeida said...

Thank you, Pearl. They are done & I have another coming up. I must be doing something right 'cause one I felt was really messed up. I figure the attack wouldn't be happening & I wouldn't be asked back unless I was doing something right? Yes? ☺ Thank God for his mercies & the power of the Holy Spirit.

Joluise said...

I think these are the thoughts of all mothers. My youngest turned 20 in late October. After a few failed started (job and study), he has finally got himself sorted out and got his act together and found himself a job and has returned to do some study. There reaches a point that mothers need to let go and pray that all will be ok!! And mostly their children are and if they aren't (as you would know) they know where their mothers are.