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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Summer salad.

With the advent of summer we are eating more salads.  Doesn't everyone?  Only having grown tired of the regular offerings I went on~line looking for something both tasty & filling.  This ginger~soy rice salad is exceptionally yummy.


Jeanne said...

That looks fantastic. I will copy. :)

Ruby said...

Me too!

Julie B. said...

I love ginger, cashews, veggies....this looks very yummy!

Ganeida said...

The crunch factor was definitely one of its attractions! ☺ I actually replaced the bamboo shoots with water chestnuts for a little extra crunch.

Joluise said...

I love salads so always happy to eat one!! Bought my first water melon today and that most certainly is summer food!!

What a yummy dish:)))