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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday's Concert.

Despite the rough waters of the bay & a stiff breeze to go with it, Brisbane was stiffling Saturday afternoon.

Star had an early call for St Stephen's.  The acoustics here are absolutely glorious but no~one. I think, likes the huge cross hanging over the altar & in front of the organ pipes.  Star loathes it.  I obect to it being both theologically incorrect [for Christ is risen] & biologically improbable.  Others worry about it coming adrift & plunging on to the choir.

The requirm swelled about me till I was floating in a sea of pure sound where each part was clear & distinct yet part of a whole.  Enough to make you cry if you were so inclined.

After rehearsal we had a lot of time to fill so walked down to the mall so Star could eat.  I was taken by the similarities with this fresco & Jo's Friday's artist.

AVAE opened & closed the program but the bulk of it was sung by Exaudi & Qld Festival Chorus doing excerpts from Mozart's Requiem.  Too lovely.  And of course Alo Tolmei [?] from Murray Island who led in prayer in the Murray Island language & filled the cathederal with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Powerful stuff!

Then we watched the 11.05 pull out of the jetty without us!  *sigh*  I was so tired but some things just can't be helped & we did eventually make it home to the great delight of the cats & with no strange mishaps at the underground parking.


Joluise said...

Butterflies are taking over the world!!! Beware:)))

I saw on the weather last night that Brisbane was in for 35C today - very unpleasant was my first thought and sticky. I do hope that isn't the start of a pattern this summer for you all living in that region.

I do hope the week coming allows for a restful time for you:))

Ganeida said...

Oh Jo! Back at school this week so no, no rest! ☺ It is going to be hot & dry. The ants have moved in. I hate being invaded by ants!

Ruby said...

Too hot, too soon. The thought of school this week is not exciting me. The singing sounds lovely, what I can hear of it from you :-)
I will now go over to Jo's and check out these flutterbyes. Good night.

seekingmyLord said...

Being on the other side of the world, today was the first really cool weather day for us. :P

Julie B. said...

Your weather is stifling, ours is beginning to get seriously cold. This morning it was pitch black when I got up, and the dogs did not want to go outside. They do the Schnauzer Shiver. Love the photos, Ganeida! xxoo

Joyfulmum said...

Yea I heard its going to be hot here too this summer. Can't complain as we had such a mild summer last time which was great! I have to go catch up on jo's blog too:)