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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Southern Land of the Holy Spirit.

 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.

As a nation Australians tend not to get overly excited about being Australian.  Of course we live in the best country in the world better but out of consideration for others feelings we're quiet about it & just toss another snag on the barbie.

We're the same way about religion.  Quiet.  Practically comatose.  For goodness sake we don't want to be thought wowsers!  Ssssh.  It would never do if people knew we actually believed there was a God.

So sometimes it's good to be reminded what a rich Christian heritage we do actually have ~ despite what the secular history books fail to teach.  I get so excited every time I think what Australia's full, proper, first name actually is: Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. The Spaniard,  Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, is responsible for that.  Equally surprising is the fact that to the north of us are a whole swag of Muslim countries who knew we were here, traded with the northern tribes but never invaded because we were, apparently, full of evil spirits. Which is side~tracking somewhat because amongst other things there are a number of prophecies in regards to the part this country is to play in the last great revival.

All of which I knew about.  Then last week Dino was standing under the stars, which everyone in this house rather likes to do because devoid of street lights, city lights, & with only the odd house light or two our stars spin like giant Catherine wheels & a meteor shower is a sight to behold!  And Dino said to God, Show me something about you in the sky.

So God did.

He got Dino to draw a cross.  At the top is the crown of thorns.  On either arm are 5 fingers representing Jesus hands. There are 10 toes at the foot ~ & a mark to show when the soldier's sword pierced Jesus side & His blood gushed out.

If you live Down Under you know what Dino drew....

God has even set His seal in the sky over us.  I thought that was pretty cool.

So next time you're outside at night & looking amongst the stars for the Southern Cross remember God has visibly set His seal over our land too.  One just for us.


Happy Elf Mom said...

Really? No-one is proud of being Australian and you find your country to be secular???

Ohhh you need to travel. Because when I came to Aus. I was struck by the extreme patriotism and the super-religiousness of it. You cannot pray in school in America and also they sure didn't have weekly religion classes.

Try New York. Near the city. Literally you will feel the absence of God. It is like He genuinely does not exist there. I am not a heebie-jeebie kind of person, but I am very serious. There is some sort of spiritual oppression there. JMO.

Ganeida said...

HEM; I've never travelled to America but I have done Europe. I find the Australian mindset very similar. Accomodate the nutters but don't give them any real power. Our church numbers have been steadily declining for decades in mainline denominational churches. And ask the people who do RE in our schools. You can't actually teach anything *real* about God.

I think the patriotism thing is changing slowly. They're making a big deal of it in school & the media now because the government got upset people were enjoying the holiday with no thought of why they had one! lol Sound familiar?

Julie B. said...

I love that Dino asked the Lord to show him something, something personal for him. And then it blesses the rest of us. I would love to see the Southern Cross someday. God bless you and yours, dear Ganeida!


Joyfulmum said...

yea, I've just been thinking about the prophecies of Smith Wigglesworth regarding Australia recently. Especially the one where he said that out of Aust will come a revival towards the end of the 20th century and into the 21st which will spread through the earth and this will be last before Jesus returns! how exciting!

Anonymous said...

I miss the island life - I grew up on Coochie Mudlo and still go back for holiday snow with my own kids. It's so quiet and you can really see the stars at night especially on the beach. I don't miss running up the jetty in the pounding wind and driving rain though -especially when the boat leaves without out you. ;)

Ganeida said...

JulieI have a spare bed. Any time....

Anon Coochie will always be lovely but there was something very special about it when I was growing up. And boats leaving without me are the one joy of island life I cannot come to terms with! ☺

Rosemary Indeed. These are exciting times!

seekingmyLord said...

He answered every prayer before we were born to the world to pray it!