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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Insatiable Curiosity.

Inside every introvert an extrovert lurks.

I knew before I began that the one area I would really struggle with would be the street witness.  I'm not convinced it's biblical.  I'm not convinced it's ethical.  I have issues with the whole concept, but particularly that it almost never involves discipleship & very rarely even addresses the issue of repentance.  Christ told us to count the cost & I believe the decision to follow Christ should be a carefully considered, thoughtful response ~ & so I get in a tizz.  I have no peace.  Rhema teaches [& I believe because that is my experience] that when we are walking in the Spirit we will have a peace about the situation.  So every time we go out I am unhappy in my Spirit.

This time I told the Lord I was going to park my butt & if there was anyone the Lord wanted me to speak to He would have to bring them to me because otherwise it was just not going to happen.  And the Lord, as He does, went, OK, problem child, I will give you what you are comfortable with.

Now those who know me very well know 2 things about me:

1. I am super reserved

2. My doppleganger is a rampant extrovert.

Yep. That's me, a contradiction in terms.  The woman who finds it just about impossible to approach strangers to share the gospel had no problems at all dragging her partner over to the banjo players serenading Queen Street Mall & belting out Amazing Grace with her.  We attracted a small crowd & a wider circle of curious bystanders [& I think our friends did very well out of our interest, enthusiasim, & curiosity! ☺]  I think the singing lessons are paying off ~ or Jesus just put His spirit on me so I stayed on key & in tune!

I love buskers.  I almost always toss coins in their hat because I just love their courage & that they bring this amazing joy into public spaces & I will always chat to them because I think anyone who has that much guts is just super amazing  & I am always curious about why they do it & how long they've practised ~ all that sort of thing & people, generally, are really happy to share about what they love.  I didn't even think about it.  We were just chatting & singing [& taking pics] & when we turned around there were all these people who were happily listening to gospel.

I do well with a little weird.  My partner does well with a little weird.  Lots of people came back with amazing testimonies but we were the only two literally singing & dancing in the streets.  Being considered among the quiet reserved people that was at least as surprising as anything else that happened today.  Don't tell me that the Lord hasn't got a well developed sense of humour!  I wonder how weird it will get next time round?  What do you reckon?


The HoJo's said...

thats not weird, thats lovely :o) xx

Julie B. said...

I love the photo! I think that is often God's way - He plucks us out of our comfort/status quo and plops us into situations we know we can't possibly survive (good ones and bad ones), and then we have to lean on Him, and we learn that in His strength we can do and say and endure things we thought might otherwise kill us. :) God bless you Ganeida....

Ruby said...

Hello my friend. Just letting you know I am still kicking but am rarely on the computer and even less often able to read. Would like to say I will do a catch up read soon but ?? I said it anyway :-)

Ganeida said...

Hojos: Thank you, m'Dear. I don't seem capable of doing *normal* but I do *a little weird* very well indeed! ☺

Julie: Indeed. One garage down. You are much on my mind. ♥♥♥

Ruby! The nice thing about internet friends is that you can make time when it's convienient. Pray for you & yours often. ♥

Finding Joy said...

I just love the way you all through issues such as this one:) love the photo. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, mine is very cold and wintry.

Ganeida said...

Jo: Very cold & wintery here also. Cats are cuddling big time!

Joyfulmum said...

hmmm....I'm not sure about street preaching either, esp in this day and age, I often wonder how effective it actually is.
I am an introvert too, very reserved a still a little shy at times but yes sometimes a bit of an extrovert breaks out of me, so I get that quote:)