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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some moments in life just leave  me speechless.

Monday.  Monday Star & I had a photo shoot in at St Stephens instead of our regular choir rehearsal.  I left it up to Star to figure out our parking arrangements.  Star swore that if we parked in the street we would get towed away so I reluctantly let her park our car in the closest parking lot ~ which said, in very small print, that it was open till 10pm.  At 9.o2pm we arrived to pick up our car.  The steel roller door was down & the place was locked up tight! 

The pair of us stared at the door gob~smacked!  My brain started firing on all cylinders something along these lines: Even if we can get a train or bus immediately  we will never make the last boat; I have no money for accomodation in the middle of town; We can't sleep in the car because the car is locked behind a steel roller door; Dino & I need to leave the jetty by 7.30am.

While I was still trying to dig myself out of denial enough to figure out what to do a long string of trucks & utes began piling up in an irate line & all these burly blokes in stubbies & singlets & bright green fluro shirts climbed out, whipped out mobiles & very shortly informed us that the place would be open shortly.

When the door started rolling up Star & I bolted for our car.  If the worst came to the worst at least we would have somewhere to sleep! 

And people wonder why I hate Bribane so much! Huh!

Meanwhile both cats have taken to sleeping on top of me at night. I am pinned to the bed by Kirby sprawled across my chest & Marlow sprawled across my legs.  Every time I move double~barrelled deep rumbling purrs erupt around me.  Yep, the cats are something else around here.


loving, laughing and learning said...

Don't panic next time just remember there are former islanders not that far away. Just pop on the train on the shorncliffe line, we would have picked you up. My mobile is on all the time and kids up and own all night.

Ganeida said...

LLL: Oh, how I wish I'd thought of that at the time! Many Tas. ♥♥♥

Ruby said...

Oh Ganeida! You make me realise how very dull and mundane my own life is!!!!

Ganeida said...

lol Ruby. I'm just good at making a mountain out of a molehill. ☺

Joluise said...

I would have gone into a spin - glad to hear it all worked ok.

My cats fight over who should have the top of the bed nearest the humans. Usually Charlie wins as she spits the best and Ruby is a little scared of her!! Ruby then goes to the bottom of the bed.

seekingmyLord said...

Just today when I ran errands parking in five different lots, I could not find my van twice! I need to take more Valerian to make it through such days--much more!

joyfulmum said...

Brisbane still hasnt won you over has it's.:) I don't blame ou:)