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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem. ~ Colin Firth

We do have interesting weeks round here!

This week started with Kirby.  I could hear him mewling all along the verandah, calling to me.  Once he arrived at the verandah door he deposited a completely unharmed Pitta into my hands.  He'd carried it home as gently as any bird dog because he knows his mum likes birds!!!

This is what runs round my yard all night going Tok. Tok. Tok.  They have brilliant plumage, which is unusual for a ground dweller, which this is.  When I got home from school Kirby was at it again, only this time it was a Monster Mouse ~ quite dead. Ick.  I'm happy to know our Pitta population is still alive & well & that Kirby is graceful enough not to knock them off in secret!

Meanwhile the eisteddfod fell upon us with a vengeance.  Dimitri was adjudicating ~ & just as well.  My cousin, Marie, did the weekend [which we weren't involved in] & no doubt if the usual family greeting of shrieks across a crowded room, full speed ahead, wrap arms around each other & hug & talk much too fast had occurred we'd have been accused of nepotism!  Instead we were almost decorous.  Almost.  Things are always interesting with Star.  There was that moment Star & Dave stared at each other across the piano because Dave was waiting for Star & Star thought Dave was meant to play her note!  Indeed.  Or even more thrilling, the way Star's voice cracked in her jazz piece.  Sounded like a pistol shot then complete silence as her voice completely disappeared.  I knew she'd be way more careful 2nd time round ~ & she was.  So funny.  Luckily Star has a very well developed sense of humour & is unfazed by these things & even found my referencing her as My Little Cracker terribly funny.

This is the first time we've done one of these, Star being the way she is about any sort of examination, so it was sort of a mixed bag.  Some of the kids were very good indeed.  Others were...well, out of charity let's just say there was plenty of room for improvement.  Star at least had the advantage of being performance hardened, if not so used to soloing so despite ongoing difficulties with her voice [though it is much improved!] she was pretty blase. 

And yes, she actually did very well.  She got a third place in the restricted section & an encouragement award for her jazz.  As always she got lots of compliments on the tone of her voice & her lyrical presentation as well as suggestions for sustaining her  troublesome upper register.  Alison should be very happy.  Her singers placed in all sections & their stage presentation was excellent. 

Meanwhile Dino & I have been slogging away at assignments &  Marlow has taken to having Morning Meltdowns just before I walk out the door.  Never a dull moment.


Joluise said...

My cat Charlie never brings an unharmed bird, normally it isn't in a very good state - I hate it when she does this and I tell her off. This is perhaps why she mostly catches mice.

You all sound very busy - sounds like never a dull moment in your home:)

joyfulmum said...

Ganeida, you sound busy! Keep at it! :)
I don't believe we have pittas done here in Sydney. Beautiful bird!

Ember said...

Oh wow! How beautiful! x