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Friday, May 4, 2012

The longing of my heart is to make known my glorious Redeemer to those who have never heard." – William Burns

Excerpts from Lib's last newsletter.  Blogger won't allow me access to my own Chile page ~ & I don't have time to stuff around ~  so it's up here this time round.
Travelling South.

2 weeks, two churches, team time and few days to relax. Oh, please don't let me forget the huge amounts of time spent in buses traveling! That sums up our time in the south. We spent the week­ends, Fri-Mon working with churches. Anything we could help with we did. That included sharing sermons, testimonies, songs, drama's and doing a whole church program inside of the church. It also included evangel­ism. So much drama, so many messages, conversations, tracks and being open to whatever God had in store.  One afternoon, in the first village we visited, we were asked to pre­pare a street evangelism program. Drama's were on the menu. Each drama, evangelistic, has a short message included to share after­wards. We were headed towards a local park to share these dra-
please Lord let us go home, this is pointless and I don't want to be soaking wet." One foot in front of the other. It's all it needed as we went door to door inviting people to join as in the park square. The lad I was with had a blue wig on. Quite entertaining. He is fearless when it comes to talking with strangers and sharing about Jesus with them. It's quite a privilege to be a witness to it. Soon it was time for us to meet back up in the park.

Drizzle, drizzle... Jacket, wet. Pants bottom, wet.  People, nearly zero.  Then we started praying.  In pairs.  In groups. Together uniting in power of the Holy Spirit. Not another moment in the world could replace the feeling of family, the family of Christ that I felt and witnessed. Before long we were ready. It was time. Time to act, time to share of Christ.

Then I saw it. As the motions of the bus drama came to life bodies appeared in house doorways. They stood at a distance but unnervingly engaged. Totally engaged through the drama, through the message. I wasn't here to serve my desires. I wasn't there to be comfortable. I was there to serve and to share. To share of the hope that rests in me.

So while I was in the south of Chile I found courage. I found the courage to ask a leader of mine to start teaching me how to play the guitar. It was an amaz­ing blessing and privilege to have her sit down with me one after­noon. We sat as I terribly began trying to strum a rhythm while at the same time trying to find the chords. She was very patient with me and was completely able to work within the odd ways that I learn. Today I can strum a rhythm and can play at least 5 chords comfortably. I'm hopeful that I can learn enough to play it in the children's home. It's an aspiration anyway...

Maybe, just maybe, their will be room to start a sports ministry. This could also mean that it'll be a part of the children's ministry. I am hopeful that I can combine two passions, that of sports and working with children. It would be amazing to use sport to connectwith these children and to work inside the realms of sport to show them their value inside of Christ.:)

In a matter of 6 weeks the Intensive Training will come to an end. It will be time to say goodbye, time to reminisce of our time together, the beauty of it, the toughness of it, how it'll never be again but mostly the shaping and moulding God has done. Praise his name!!!


• The 1 year visa application (still needs to begin)

• The transition stage as I.T leaves and I move into the G.A program.

• The development of relationships inside but also outside of the OM Chile team.

• The developing sports ministry

• Learning Spanish

• Those who were touched by the messages of Christ we shared in the south.

• The children, particularly of Sion but also of el Arca.

• Second cultural experience. I will spend it inside the children's home

• My visa was renewed
• The work and evangelism outreach opportunities we had in the south of
• I've been given my job description for the remaining time I have in Chile after the I.T program finishe
• The Holy Spirit's impact and guidance.

• The challenges and triumphs when working with children at social risk

• Being a part of a secondary training for the children's ministry.


Joluise said...

Thankyou so much for sharing. It sounds like she is enjoying herself.

seekingmyLord said...

She is changing so much.

Ganeida said...

Jo: Yes. There are hard things of course [& the rest of the IT team goes home this month, which will be very hard] but she loves the people, the ministry & the country.

Seeking: Yes, she skyped yesterday after her last cultural experience & there is a depth there now that was lacking previously. She made me laugh with how God is working in her life.

joyfulmum said...

Thanks for the update! So, is she planning on Extending her stay? Sounds like lib's having a great time!

Ganeida said...

Rosemary: she hs to come home at the end of her 2 yrs. It's mandatory. Debrief & R&R. However she hopes to be able to return after that.