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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Christian is the world's bible.  Some need revising! ~ Dwight Moody.

I am chronically incapable of the Single Eye.  Distractable, that's what I am.  Not all my fault.  This week we had a most interesting car issue ~ which entailed always parking on a slope in case we had to clutch start it ~ & rehearsals for the local eisteddfod, where Star is performing 4 pieces only the Star is battling a throat infection, which makes for an interesting sound. 

We toddled off dutifully on Thursday evening to our rehearsal with Dave.  We love Dave & Dave loves us.  He's one of the most brilliant pianists around but like the rest of us he needs to pay the bills so is accompanying for AVAE for the eisteddfod.  He's also a lovely, lovely Christian & their music is super wonderful too. Have a listen.

I have two assignments that I have no time to do & to top it off the school Dean has had her eye on me for something from the first moment she clapped eyes on me & I am trying to squeeze time to help out in an admin task that shouldn't be too much of a stretch for me.  It's research type stuff & as a rule I can do that with my eyes shut's hoping.  Meanwhile I have to train the Star to take over some of the paperwork at this end.  I'm sure she is thrilled....

Marlow has taken to sleeping on top of me, ousting Kirby who spends his nights yowling around the house.  I hope its just the very full moon at present because this is not an endearing habit!

I need to talk to all you lovely people but meanwhile, blessings on you all!


Finding Joy said...

Do have a lovely weekend and I hope you find some time to put your feet up.

Julie B. said...

You sound almost as "occupied" as I am, Ganeida. I'm starting to get the headless chicken feeling and I hate that. I think of you doing all that you do, with school on top of it now, and I send up a prayer. May God touch Star's throat....blessings to you all!

seekingmyLord said...

You are busy and I am just getting around to reading this now...when I am supposed to be preparing for the Princess' lessons for the day. I have stuff to blog about so maybe I will squeeze in a post this week...maybe.