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Monday, January 9, 2012

How to complicate a life.

Ever since I first ran across the idea of beginning the New Year with a fast the idea grabbed hold of my imagination.  There was just something so *right* about the whole concept & so I purposed in my heart that this year I would go for it ~ not because I'm super spiritual or anything like that ~ quite the opposite in fact; & not because I like fasting.  I don't.  I like the results but getting my get up & go to actually start one takes a rather large spiritual bomb. 

It probably helped that due to a combination of circumstances there was far less junk food in my cupboards than is normal for this time of year & I knew that simply starting was going to be the hardest part ~ or so I thought.  Unfortunately I do not live to myself alone.  Dearest does not believe in fasting & while he will cook the odd meal he dislikes doing it now because my house now consists of 2 semi~vegetarians [one of whom will eat no mushrooms, the other no lentils!], & one on the Daniel Fast.

Food is an issue.  Watching me dice vegetables for yet another curry & rice dish Dearest complained loudly that he did not understand anyone drowning the taste of good food in sauce.  I tartly replied that he should given the 1/2 inch layer of salt he pours over good food! Ick. Stopped him dead in his tracks because he has never thought that what he does is the least odd. 

Now Dino, like my Dearest ~ & Liddy too for that matter, is a confirmed red meat eater.  He works in landscaping doing heavy physical stuff & it is nothing for him to consume large amounts of food.  He burns through it fairly quickly.  As a rule I make him a meat & salad sandwich for lunch, throw in a muesli bar & a couple of pieces of fruit & we're done.  On the Daniel Diet Dino gets no meat.  [Star has been snickering no end about this one!]  I have found myself making quantities of pasta or rice or potato salad, salsa~y things with our abundance of tomatoes & cucumbers straight out of the garden, tabouli ~ all just for the lad to take to work.  I make a large container.  It comes home empty every night & he is always hungry!  Always.  Dino is having trouble, particularly with his energy levels but on the weekends he joins me on a liquids only regime.  I suspect that is most of his problem right there but I don't want to discourage him.  He wants to make some effort, however small & incomplete.

When I planned this January stretched ahead as a long empty expanse with very little happening.   Expecting the massive headaches & a variety of lesser evils as my body detoxed I very deliberately left January as that vast & empty landscape. That all changed with one e~mail.  Yesterday, as Star drove into town, Brizzie's temperature was skyrocketing past 38 degrees C & my water bottle was emptying fast! I was not looking forward to the drive home.

So here I am juggling a variety of eating habits, trying to time it so that Dearest's meat is ready  just before I pour sauce into vegetables so that I can put Dearest's on his plate unadorned, & watching Star's supply of lentil patties deplete rather fast.  And please, don't bother pointing out this isn't strictly a Daniel Fast.  I know it's not ~ not exactly.  Dino didn't do his reading & I got bored before I was half done so we are doing what we can.  All this fuss about food! *sigh*

Meanwhile Star is having a massive meltdown because her voice, while improving, has not improved either enough or fast enough for her liking & finding a song that she isn't going to completely maul for her audition is proving difficult & angst~making.  I have been roped in for personal performances late at night while Star runs through her  repertoire & I make judiciously encouraging comments ~ & try not to giggle when her voice disappears completely!  Oh. My. 

And I have yet to get up to my mother's.  Hopefully we will head to Star's audition on the 21st then just keep heading north.  The cats will have a fit when we don't come home.  Yes indeedy!


Julie said...

I think what you're doing is miraculous. I send my admiration and prayers. Wow.

Pen Wilcock said...


Ganeida said...

Thanks, Ladies. Watching my Star on T.V. Glowing for her. ☺

seekingmyLord said...

I have been putting off my annual January fast, but it will start in two days, on Wednesday. It will be at least ten days long, perhaps longer.

Usually, my husband and I have this understanding that we do not fast at the same time, unless called by God to do so, however my husband will be fasting at the same time. The Princess can prepare simple meals for herself now so this one might be less demanding about preparing food to be serve to others...maybe.

Ganeida said...

lol I actually cook better when I don't have to eat it. I expected you to start your fast soon. Praying for you ~ amongst others.