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Monday, January 9, 2012

Checking for Monsters.

I remember when the candle shop burned down. Everyone stood around singing 'Happy Birthday.' ~Steven Wright.

We all know the Star.  She's a bit out there.  A bit goofy.  She's funny & witty & she lights up our life.  Our house was very quiet while she was gone.

It is not, as it so happens, the very first time Star has been away from home while not accompanied by some trusted family member but  Alison checked anyway to make sure she'd be ok all alone in her strange hotel room.

"I'll be fine," Star assured her breezily, "Once I've checked for monsters."  Alison laughed.  She thought the Star was joking.  The Star was not.  She checked under the bed & in all the cupboards & behind the curtain & the bathroom before she was convinced nothing lurked in some hidden corner that could grab her in the middle of the night.  Even so she missed the curlews & the frogs, the bitterns & pheasants that serenade us with our night~time lullabye.  Instead she had traffic & people walking past, big trucks & the sound of a busy city.

This morning Dearest & I watched rather besottedly the ABC coverage of the Gatton Memorial Service. For us there was only one performer.  Here's Star.  If you catch the news coverage of this Star is in the top right hand corner wearing a green shirt ~ & beaming ~ as she always does when she performs.


Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

It must be the day for proudly blogging our kids!

I have read, with interest, some of your posts about Star and I think she sounds absolutely delightful!!

Pen Wilcock said...


Ganeida said...

Thank you, Susan. Star is a lot of fun.

Ember: Waving....

Ruby said...

Gorgeous shot of your Star.

The whole gallery shows up the sad lack of male leadership in Qld/ Aust doesn't it?

Ganeida said...

Which pic? I like goofy myself but the Courier one is beautiful.

Yes, we commented on all the females in leadership too.