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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back in the Green Room.

I believe in professionalism, but playing is not like a job. You have to be grateful to have the opportunity to play ~Wynton Marsalis
January is usually pretty slow with us.  Generally we are in recovery mode after too much December with Star involved in rehearsals & concerts up until Christmas Eve.  January is usually hot.  And muggy.  Humid.  Unbearable.  We sprawl under the fans with cold drinks; ices; wet cloths, mopping our dripping faces.  We watch too many movies & generally sloth about.  The only excitement is our annual trip up to my mother's which we like to leave as late as possible hoping that by late January the crowds will have dispersed, the weather will have improved & the break will revive us enough to deal with the year ahead.

Which is why I chose January for my longer fast.  Amongst other reasons but knowing I had nothing much on was a great motivator.  That has all changed.  Naturally.

It changed without warning.  One moment I was happily clicking windows on my computer anticipating another slow day.  The next I was reading an e~mail with growing alarm!    So I am back in the Green Room.  I am back with a vengeance.  I think I was asleep in about 20 minutes.  Gosh those couches are comfy!  Everyone sleeps in the green room.

Mary Poppins is in full swing.  The place was overflowing with children & chimney sweeps.  Angelina Ballerina is showing.  As is James & the Giant Peach.  Star is in rehearsal.  QPAC is providing the music for the "One Year On"  First Anniversary Commemorative Service at Gatton to remember last year's devastating floods.  This is by special invite & Star is incredibly lucky to be doing it.  Four pieces to be learned in 4 days ~ one of which is our National Anthem.  I know.  Call me slack, but seriously when does anyone ever actually sing this thing ~ unless you are on a school parade ground for assembly [which Star obviously isn't] or accepting your gold medal at the Olympics? And hands up if you even knew there was another verse.  I did but I don't know any of the words.

We were chatting on the way home, as one does on these occasions, because this event necessitates Star travel with the choir to Toowoomba & overnight there so they can run their sound & light checks & do a run through & stand around while the powers that be confer about whether everything is working as it should, & we realised that we could literally count the number of times Star has been away from home without me on the fingers of one hand.  No school camps for the Star & even something like Guides Star hasn't done because music has eaten up her life. Oh. My.  It's not that Star needs me; she doesn't.  She just likes to have her *Mummy Admiration Society*  out in full force when she's performing.  What I am not doing is travelling out to Gatton!  The crowds.  The parking.  Not this little black bunny.  Nope.  I shall stay home & enjoy it from the comfort of my lounge chair in front of the tellie!

So yeah.  Star is required to be absolutely professional.  The PM will be there.  The GG will be there.  The Premier will be there.  The television cameras will be there.  So if you happen to be watching the news Tuesday night scan the alto section for our Star.  She'll be there somewhere.


Ruby said...

Never a dull moment for you, my friend!

Pen Wilcock said...


The HoJo's said...

it was a constant source of amusement that my Brit kids knew the National Anthem better than most of the home grown Aussies did. A mixture of Scouts and school demanded iit really.