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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What we saw at the Shops.

“When cats run home and light is come, And dew is cold upon the ground, And the far-off stream is dumb, And the whirring sail goes round, And the whirring sail goes round; Alone and warming his five wits, The white owl in the belfry sits.”~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

There is a reason I go away when we go on vacation.  If I stay home I work ~ all those things we don't have time for in term time.  Two days it took me to get new tires on the island car & I practically had to beg even then ~ which is what you get when you have one officially retired but only available mechanic on the island.  He doesn't need to work....It's sort of a hobby & if he'd rather go fishing, well....And I still have to take the old tires to the tip!  To~day's job; Star can drive.

Then there was the mainland car  which I had been begging Liddy to sort out because she drove it waaaay more than I did.  I normally only need it at night ~ when the garage is shut ~ but of course she was always in a rush & needing to be somewhere so it never got done.  Yesterday we went & did it.  At least we did what I could afford.  All day affair ~ naturally.  We plan for these things.

So we went & bought movie tickets but with time to kill before our session started were wandering back towards the shopping centre when we spotted this gorgeous man!
 Isn't he something?!  He is a barn owl.  The wildlife rescue people were out in force with a 1/2 dozen or so animals in tow making the most of school holiday crowds to raise awareness.  I think Star sort of quailed in her boots because I am a sucker for a pretty bird & promptly started chatting up the young handler.  Barn owls we have but though we might have them we never get this up close & personal with enough light to admire the snowy chest with a delicate freckling of black, the tawny back feathers, the incredible angles that an owl can turn its head.  Hand raised & not ever able to be released he was inquisitive & affectionate & enjoyed sticky beaking the crowd.
 We came back a little later to visit with Anala, which means place of peace [I told you I chatted this guy up!].  Wedge~tail.  This guy is only tiny with a 3 m wing span & weighing just on 2ks, which is nothing in the eagle world but a whole lot of bird when he is tethered to your wrist.  The wing span can reach as much as 7m ~ out west these guys regularly take lambs or small sheep & have been known to take small dogs [of the lap dog variety] on the island.  Even jessed, even confined these guys are really something special.  I was delighted as even in the mall area he turned into the wind to get the lift as the breeze came through & every so often he'd take of, practically taking his handler with him.
 Yeah, he was affectionate too.  I am always amazed at how responsive wild animals can be when they are treated right.  I asked if they ever flew him, & yes, but he's never out long because he had a broken wing & tires easily.  It will take about 3 years for complete healing to occur.
Then there was this little guy ~ about the size I like them & I had a long chat about the flying foxes ~ I will pick people's brains when the opportunity arises & besides, the guy is the first person I've ever met who loves them as much as I do!

Then, because Star wouldn't choose so I did, we went & saw this:

Star about had a fit when she realised some of it was sub~titled!  Not sure about the story line; think I now need to go read the book, but visually stunning & historically/culturally interesting.  Poor Star.  Even on holidays she gets educated one way or another.

Picked up more seedlings & a grape vine & am now off into the sunshine to dig in the rich black soil & make my cats happy.  They missed me yesterday.  Dearest swears they have to go away with me because they do not love him when I am not around!


Julie said...

Ganeida, I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan about a year and a half ago and wept and marveled. I could not believe that book. I learned so much. When the movie came out I was a little dubious because the book is such a sweeping saga, and the movie didn't seem to be long enough to do it justice. Michael and I saw it and thought it was okay. They changed it too much for me, but I still thought it was okay. Nothing as rich and breathtaking as the book though - I would recommend you read it. Now that I've talked it up you'll probably hate it. :)

Love, love the birds too...

Jo said...

The film looks beautiful - but it is interesting to read Julie's comments about the book - always the case when a book is turned into a film. I might have to read the book first.

Love that owl - they have a very special look don't they.

Ruby said...

Spectacular birds!
I haven't read or seen Snow Flower but I think I would like it, too. Going to movies is a bit tricky just now so I'll have to read it as well.
Ganeida, if I went away on the holidays non of those jobs would ever get done!