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Monday, September 26, 2011


Why be afraid of tomorrow when today is all we have? ~ Sir Walter Raleigh.

 When we left home on Friday I had a migarine niggling but what I did not want to have to do was put Star behind the wheel on the open highway.  A leetle more experience required I think.  Thankfully by Sunday I was feeling fine again & we headed off to here.   It was absolutely glorious.  The old forest has been left & the garden planted  thoughout.  Grassy open spaces are intermingled with dense forestation & parkland.  The shelters are well spaced so even though there were a lot of people around it did not feel crowded & it has all been done by volunteers over the last 10 years or so!
 Mum & I eyed of the large hollow pieces of rock being used as bird baths enviously.
 The stone sculpture garden was truely reflective of the vision for unity of body, spirit & earth.
 Huge variety of sculptures.  I love the dark rock & many of these were fun pieces with a little frog to be found somewhere on the rock surface.

 We walked the lagoon circuit
And wandered gently through part of the Botanical Gardens before heading home for a quick lunch & the movie in the village theatre, which happened to be Elizabeth: the Golden Years, which we have but so glorious it is always worthwhile seeing again ~ though it does set Star & I off requoting Elizabeth to the Spanish ambassadors...I have a hurricane in me, Sir, that will strip Spain bare when you dare to try me! ~ which really is a wonderful quote & delivered with such panache by Cait Blanchett.

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