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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

There is a reason we go away.  For a few days we do something completely different.  Back home it was straight back into all the chores because no one had washed while I was gone.  The washing up had been done ~ just not that day's.  There were invoices to be sent, envelopes to be addressed &, most important of all, cats to be cuddled.  Actually Kirby survived quite well.  He spends most of his time oustside during the day, only coming in for meals when he must & though he wanted his cuddle time he was a pretty happy puss.  Marlow is a cat of another colour & was verging on a complete meltdown when I walked in the door but he has recovered well & has been busily bouncing round & showing off how completely adorable he is.

While we were gone Dino started putting down the drip & sprinkler system for the veggies.  We have talked about this for years but never got around to it ~ well, I wasn't doing the work as I don't actually mind standing round contemplating my navel while I hold the hose.  Everything has shot up so we have started picking even though it's only been in a couple of weeks.  The silverbeet was lovely steamed till it was just wilted &  I don't need a lot of lettuce for Dino's snadwich but so nice & crisp & full of flavour straight from garden to lunch!

Our spring weather has turned overcast & nasty but we are still on school break so life is good.


Sandra said...

You head into spring, we are headlong into winter. I love the photos below. Grandma & granddaughter, it doesn't get better than that.

Ruby said...

Not so nice day here today either. You will one day be self sufficient over there!

alecat said...

I really like the motivation that springs back after having some time away from home.

Your veggies are looking great! Yummmm. :)

Ruby said...

Ganeida, I hope you don't mind but I saw Alecat's comment come up and thought it would be a good place to leave her a message :-)
Alecat : I am not able to comment on your blog at present. Previously blogs which would not show my user profile, including my own :-( would accept either anonymous or name/ url options. Today my comments have just disappeared which means I have not been able to comment on a number of my regular reads/ I am wondering whether it is anything to do with templates?

Birbitt said...

Poor kitties, glad they are happy now that you are home. This weather thing has me all mixed up right now. You are starting spring, others here are beginning Autumn, and I am struggling to get through summer (seems the summer temps just won't go away).

MamaOlive said...

enjoying all the pictures.
And the fresh greens! I've planted some for Fall, but it's barely coming up. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have salad again.