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Thursday, September 1, 2011

It has been a busy week or so ~ complicated by losing our internet just as I needed it for research purposes.  Goodness only knows what Star is suppossed to be doing for school but we are slowly getting our rythmn back & plodding along to the end of term. Meanwhile Liddy arrived safely in Delden, Holland, with all her luggage intact & has had a great GO conference.  Will update all round as soon as I am assured our internet is here to stay ~ not yet! :( but a couple of prayer points: 
 Libby is flying on to Chile on Sunday.  She has 2 stopovers & it is a long flight so travelling mercies would be greatly appreciated.

She is already feeling a little homesick.  Some of that is all the others  on her Chile team have come paired already, boy/girl from Germany, America, Austria, Holland.  Libby is the only Aussie & as we all know Aussies have a pretty wacked sense of humour that not everybody else gets. 

 The slowness of working with translation is eating at her too! Hope that is motivation to pick up the lingo fast!

Some of what she has been doing she has really appreciated making the conference very worth it.  Some has been difficult & frustrating. 

Facebookers: she does have a Chile FB page where she has been leaving updates as time permits [not much spare time] so if you are interested friend her & get the link.

God bless you all.  Back soon.


joyfulmum said...

Will be praying for her as she departs for Chile.....hope your internet gets fixed soon! btw did you accidentally type in her real name or was it a typo? just thought I'd bring it to your attention just in case it was a slip:)

Ruby said...

Good to read your update....we do miss one another when there are computer/ internet issues :-)
I will friend LIDDY :-) and keep abreast. It is all one steep learning curve for her at the moment. May our great and good God give her the strength and wisdom she needs.

seekingmyLord said...

Changes and more changes, for Liddy and for us all. (It makes me homesick as well. The Internet is just not quite the same without you and Diane too.)

All shall be fine for Liddy. It is just going through those necessary changes that is rough.

Jo said...

Thanks for the update.

Patty said...

first visit to your blog and quite enjoyed the time I spent here

The HoJo's said...

Hello......still reading, just! Xx

Ember said...

Thinking of you and Libby - blessings on her today - may she find much to delight ad encourage her, and places of rest amid the challenges and along the learning curve. And blessings on you and you household, the home teaching and everything. Peace to your heart, peace to your home. x