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Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's not that we haven't seen my mother at all over the last 12 months; we have.  There was my cousin's 60th & Liddy's farewell & a concert of Star's but, well, there have been other people about & things to do & it's all been a bit hectic. 

Star's schedule does not make getting away easy & of course my mother is no slouch in the socialising department so although I had planned a short break these school hols actually co~ordinating our schedules has been extraordinarily difficult ~ complicated by Dino, who wanted to come & now isn't, Dearest [who needs me round for the invoicing etc on Monday] & the cats, who think I shouldn't go away at all & are threatening dire revenge on Dearest who quails every time *visit* & *cats* are mentioned in the same breath.

Consequentially our visit will be short but it makes a nice mid~point break in Star's vacation & means she will do something beside eat chocolate & watch old movies.  She waded through Gone with the Wind ~ which I declined to watch just for one good line: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.  Nope, not my sort of movie though I did once try to watch it & gave it up as long~winded & boring & full of unpleasant people who really should have known better.  Yes, I know it's a classic.  That's why Star was watching it ~ but that doesn't mean I have to like it!

Anyway, at some point today our bags will be packed & we will be on a boat for the mainland to drive north, where the sharks are cruising the shallows of all the holiday beaches looking for an unwary snack [I will not be swimming!] so that we can spend a long weekend with my mother & do some family catching up.  The camera is charged.  The garden is watered.  Adieu, Farewell, Sayonara.  See you all Monday!


Ruby said...

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie said...

Have a great trip! Wish I could see my Momma this weekend.

Sandra said...

Enjoy the holiday. You mother looks fantastic! I'd say I wish I could look that good at her age, but it's already too late. I don't look that good at my age!

joyfulmum said...

Of course I'm reading this on the day you're supposed to be back lol! welcome back home:)