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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Show me a great actor and I'll show you a lousy husband. Show me a great actress, and you've seen the devil.~ W. C. FieldsOne of these days I am going to drive into Brisbane without having a serious meltdown.  I am going to become accustomed to traffic ~ & traffic hazards. Better yet, I am going to know where I am without recourse to sugar, deep breathing & a road map ~ but that day wasn't yesterday.

QPAC.  I know where QPAC is.  I've done this trip a zillion times.  I know how long it takes.  I timed myself perfectly, except for one thing.  No~one told me there was a French festival taking place at Southbank!  I zipped down Grey Street, hurtled round the corner & prepared to nip into the QPAC parking space ~ only the sign said FULL!  Meltdown!  

I reluctantly edged further along to the museum car park ~ which was thankfully still empty but of course that had cut into our available time & Star had managed to spread her belongs throughout the car during the hour drive & naturally wasn't ready to vacate the vehicle.

Brisbanites being Brisbanites signposted nothing but we scooted past the giant ferris wheel & all the scaffolding around the Con building & found our foyer with the required number of wannabes & their parents in various stages of angst.  Neither Star or I can quite bring ourselves to regard these things with the desired degree of seriousness & as Star didn't expect to make the cut was determined to enjoy the experience.  Good thing too. 

 The children were herded away & then a little man popped out like a jack~in~the box to inform all the parents that Tosca was a standard repertoire piece & just because a child did not make the cut did not mean they were unmusical, untalented or plain awful; it just meant whoever they chose had to be able to fit into the pre~existing wardrobe!  My mini Marilyn Monroe was never going to manage that so I settled down with my book & prepared to wait it out.

Star informed me later that the wardrobe mistress was amongst the judging panel & as soon as she was introduced Star twigged & knew she was out ~ which removed all pressure & she gave a pretty good audition ~ apart from the fact she forgot her own name & always has trouble deciding on which school year she is supposed to be in!  Her singing was good though!

Once she was done we wandered along Southbank.  I had vague aspirations of getting a hot chocolate at the fancy chocolate place but the que was out the door & round the block.  We stood & watched the street theatre for a while: some guy with fire sticks & a 9metre chain doing a Houdini but Star's tummy was rumbling, as it always is if she's been singing, so we opted for waffles & pancakes ~ meaning I had waffles with strawberries & maple syrup & Star had something that went by the name of Rocky Road Pancakes & was disgustingly sweet!

Fortified with sugar we braved the rain & the darkening streets to find our way home, chatting amiably about the need for all performers to takes risks, Shakespeare, The Brontes & whether or not my copy of Jane Eyre was on the shelves upstairs.  Yep, the girl did good.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ganeida... you love to live on the edge don't you!

Ganeida said...

lol, That's me! A real ball of fire. Heehee. There's a reason I live where I do. ☺ I am getting round to commenting on those gorgeous babies of yours but it's all Drama, drama, drama round here just now. UGH. ♥

joyfulmum said...

he he he:) your pancakes at the end were well deserved :) I have similar experiences driving in Sydney but I don't really want to go there right now lol!

Ganeida said...

Rosemary: I love Sydney but ~ I do not want to drive in her! ☺ The public transport was always good though. Don't know if it still is. It's been a while...

The HoJo's said...

we all auditioned to be extras in Drift last night!....the phone is NOT ringing off the hook ;o)