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Monday, July 4, 2011

Life is simple, it's just not easy.~ Anon

The house is in chaos.  Three days away & the whole place has fallen apart on me.  Star & I are still trying to regulate our sleep pattens ~ well I'm trying; Star seems perfectly content to be ill~regulated.  Liddy threw a spanner in my works by having me drive out to Kedron instead of just to Cooparoo.  Across the Gateway.  Myriad twists & turns.  Lid may be able to orientate herself in that sort of a maze but I cannot.  If I'd known beforehand I should have dragged Star along, less for her dubious navigational skills than her expertise as moral support. 

 Star is one of the most cheerful people I know.  Very little ever fazes her ~ & certainly nothing that a good dose of sugar can't fix!.  Actually the last time I saw her really rattled she was about 7 & I'd achieved a full blown migraine in town: hallucinating, vomiting, disoriented & Star was worried we'd miss our bus stop.  Travelling with me is sooo much fun.

So yeah, I'm doing housework today.  Not my most favourite activity.  And smooching with my cats.  Kirby has so lost the plot he's taken to racing out to the car whenever he hears the car keys rattle.  Marlow just looks wounded. The sky is threatening rain; the bathroom floor is hidden by laundry; somewhere in the kitchen there is a kitchen bench ~ & for today at least, Star is an only child.  Star likes being an only child.  At her time of life she rather feels it's her due.  It's for moments like these I have computers & books ~ to properly distract me from the boring necessities of life. Ho~hum, it's of to work we go....

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Julie said...

Computers and books to distract us from the boring necessities of life - I love that and just might quote you. :)