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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A mother's treasure is her daughter.  ~Catherine Pulsifer

In typical Liddy fashion the more disorganized side of her personality has decided to kick in.  In the space of twenty~four hours she lost her wallet with driver's license & bank card in it & the camera cord to recharge her camera, which is flat, when she is heading off to her ma's for a few days with her before her departure date.

No licence, the girl can't drive herself to any of the myriad of places she needed to be so seeing as she needed to change her Ps anyway we scraped together every spare dollar in the house & I took her over yesterday afternoon to upgrade her Ps ~ & hopefully replace her missing license.  How God is looking after that girl just now!  We were expecting to fork over up to $100 for the license & only got charged for the upgrade:$16!  We did a scout around for the wallet, as you do: car, shopping centre, friend's house but no wallet, which means Lid has no access to her account & was looking at having to cancel her cards.

However we toddled along to the OM prayer meeting, Lid's last one. Perhaps not the smartest place for me to have been just now.  I am managing, by focusing on one day at a time & not looking too far ahead to the day of Liddy's departure  ~ but of course this prayer meeting had a lot of focus of Liddy's commissioning & special prayer for her ~ including her missing wallet.  Someone gave me a hug & I dissolved.  My propensity to tears is a running joke in this household but knowing how much I will miss Liddy does not change what I believe about Chile: this is right; it is a genuine calling; Liddy has to answer the call of God on her life & there are so many small ways I can see this being confirmed over & over again: the way she relates to people; the way people respond to her; the dormant gifts now starting to surface ready to be used in Chile; the tunnel visioning that is sharpening her focus for the job ahead....lots & lots of things, none at all of which have anything at all to do with how I feel as her mother.  It doesn't make me feel any better either.

Then  things dragged on so long; bigger meeting than usual & lots of people wanting a final word with Liddy so that we nearly missed the last boat home!  Not how I wanted to spend a Thursday evening! Then , as Lid checked her FB page via her phone she let out a slightly hysterical hoot because Star had posted her entirely random conversation on FB about this conversation she thought she was having with her sister.  When Star thinks someone is having her on she gets completely snarky, & the more people don't let on they're busted the snarkier she gets.  She was getting very snarky indeed when she twigged it actually wasn't her sister on the other end but a member of our esteemed police force ringing to let us know they had found Liddy's wallet!  Um, yeah....

So I have sent Liddy of this morning to pick up her wallet & head on up to her ma's for some R & R.  I am incredibly grateful to Ruth & Ian who have walked this journey with us since Liddy was about 16, when they first travelled out to the island to visit with us & talk about the mission field & Liddy's calling.  They have been the most incredibly helpful & supportive people through all the ups & downs & nothing has ever been too much trouble.  They have given & given & given: of themselves, of their time, of their experience & even last night when Ruth came over to speak with me, she knows, as I do, that this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more to come but most of the rest is hidden from view.  I have been shown snippets of the larger picture, as has Ruth, so there we were, like two old crones, wagging our heads sagely, seeing the light within Liddy blazing so brightly & knowing that for it to shine we have to let her go.  Ruth will miss her nearly as much as we will.

The next few weeks will be difficult.  The soccer team has a lunch planned & then her final day her church will commission her in the morning & I will put her on her plane that evening. At which point I will change the ticker over & we will start counting the days until she comes home again!


joyfulmum said...

Praying for you during these last days before Liddy sets off on her trip....
just read your last post you think we should start a movement / campaign to change the age to 18 when you can go for your L's? :) 16 is way too young in my opinion especially since Rebekah is only 9 years or less away from that! I hope she is like Jo's son and remains uninterested until she's 21 lol!

Jo said...

I am silently pleased that my son isn't interested in driving:). And I thank the Lord often.

I am sure these coming weeks are going to be so hard and I pray for you that the Lord gives you the strength you need .

Anonymous said...

Wish I could get up there to see Liddy before she goes, but am all out of leave at the moment :-(

Will be thinking of you all - such an adventure; such a wrench.