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Monday, July 18, 2011

Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught. ~ George Savile

We are still tidying up the dribs & drabs from last term, partly because my strange learner makes it difficult to package things up in the neat & tidy way that government departments & schools seem to like.

 Music, last term, was very performance oriented; the theory went on the back burner for a bit.  Trouble is the theory is easy to send in for assessment.  Performance...not so easy!  Ditto German.    Star does not do well with textbooks & a lot of what she has been doing is actually teaching German!  Much harder to show.   For that I've asked Star to draw me up a lesson plan to show the work they are covering.  She did a pretty ok job of that! For history, for a change, I'm going to ask Star to retell what she remembers about Saxon England; yikes! May have to rethink that!  Then there are a few missed math questions.  We should be done by the end of the week & free to move on with this term's work.

I think, given Miss Star likes her history gory, we will look at the French Revolution & Bonaparte in depth & some [naturally] of the oddities.  I am tossing up about her reading.  Off her own bat she is tackling Romeo & Juliet & Jane Eyre, but if she is prepared to read more difficult books for pleasure I am prepared to do something a little more lightweight  to be officially *school*.  I am trying to decide between National Velvet ~ which is a beautifully crafted book ~ Sabriel or The Owl Service.  I am leaning towards National Velvet which is so well written it can't help but be useful in one's own writing.    And I think we will do some Eliot ~ for my pleasure, not Star's!

I must say, by this stage in a child's education, it's either more of the same or more depth.  We are trying for the more depth thing; at least in Lit & history. 


Julie said...

I would love to come and learn under your tutelage, Ganeida. Your Star is blessed!

Ganeida said...

Julie: I wish Star thought so :( Odd how things work. The lady who turned Star's academics into a nightmare has a lot to answer for. Star was telling me in the car on Saturday how much she used to enjoy academics & if she had not got this particular supervisor she thinks she would have been far more academically inclined ~ but that would have cut into her music & music, it seems, is what God designed her for. ☺ All good.

seekingmyLord said...

I have no doubts that Star is is in the blood if not in the name.

I have not been here for too long! Your blog has a bright new look and I am far behind on reading your posts. I will try to catch up. I have been put more time in that real life world that has its duties, with the extra duty of the kittens. I have not even blogged about what is going on here. Too much and yet much of the same, I guess.

Ganeida said...

lol We've chatted so all is good. I have read at your place but too pressed for time to comment. We are paying catch ups around here & not doing too well at it. ☺