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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The problem for conservationists is the frequency of prescribed burning. And this is a complex matter. As Esplin’s inquiry pointed out, some forest types need five-year cycles of burning, others 12, others 30.~ Melissa Fyfe and Michael Bachelard

 There are some sights you just don't want to see when it's dry with low humidity.  This is one of them:
Not our island; the next one over.  Hoping it's a controlled burn 'cause we can surely do without their ash & live embers dropping in our yard.


Jo said...

I remember when we lived in Darwin with the smoke during the dry season. It would create a hazy sky day after day and I would get tired of it.

Sandra said...

I think you sent us your wet, hummus climate. Can I send it back? Was it a controlled burn?

Sandra said...

hummus climate might be interesting, but I really did mean humid!

joyfulmum said...

beautiful pictures Ganeida! They are striking especially with your new blog look!