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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I worry that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else. ~Lily Tomlin

Wednesdays are always exhausting. I think I am getting old. Not that I have to do anything ~ except drive the child to & fro & wait patiently while she tweets like a canary ~ but sitting around is just so tiring!

Anyway....the first of the Gothic music got handed out last night. Oh. My. Forty pages & that's just the first of 4 scores! Star is singing seconds [alto] & there were just two of them & neither of them is a great sight singer.

Alison took them through the score & chatted some about the production, which will be at QPAC, as expected, under the direction of John Curro. The kids have worked with John before, which is just as well as this is being filmed by the ABC & Alison will be doing *switch*. Cracks me up but it just means she tells the cameras, who don't read music, where they need to be filming. I just had to ask, given the size of this thing, how they were going to fit everybody in but apparently the first 5 rows of seats are being removed & the kids are up in the wings somewhere. Ten cameras, 2 symphonies, 4 brass bands, hundreds of choristers. I get stressed just thinking about it. And it's in Italian! Not Star's favourite language to sing in. German is fine. She's got enough German under her belt now to manage the German fine but Italian! Well, that's another story & I just don't think she likes the sound of it. Tough.

Alison hands out all these scores & the kids don't even bat an eyelid. Full working score. They spent 20 minutes just highlighting their parts. Dither. Do I want a ticket to this thing or not? I suspect not. I think it's too big for the space it's got & by the time this production is up & running I will know too much & would sit through the whole thing with my heart in my mouth just praying any catastrophe will be small enough to go unnoticed!

Naturally by the end of 3 hours Star was ravenous & polished off my chips as well as her own. I did manage the chicken burger but I will be pleased when summer is here again & we can revert to salad sticks & dip. Much yummier but the westerlies are coming through now & the jetties are absolutely bitter ~ especially at night. I was sooo cold last night though Star was comfortable just in a T & lightweight jacket. Something warm to eat was just so comforting!

I used to think standing round a sports field cheering for whichever maniac was out there kicking a ball was the height of insanity but I swear, music takes the cake, hands down. The end product is worth it but the in between is insanity making.


seekingmyLord said...

Insanity making just seems attracted to you! LOL!!!!

The HoJo's said...

I'd much prefer Italian to German, so much sweeter on the ears :o)

Ruby said...

The things mothers do!

Jo said...

I was never very good at standing/sitting around whilst my children played sport etc.. which is why I enjoyed Scouts as it was a drop off and pick up and my children just loved it.

Amanda said...

I am glad those days are over lol. I was exhausted just reading your post! ;)

Ember said...

I *love* that Lily Tomlin quote at the top :0D

The wisdom in York University music department in the 1970s was that if you forgot your words you just rolled out "Macaroni! Macaroni! Tagliatelle! Macaroni! Tagliatelle macaro-o-o-oniiii!!" Seemed sensible.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I know!.

Hojos: Do you think? They both sound like gobbly~gook to me & I speak very bad French which should be close enough to Italian that it shouldn't. Yes?

Ruby: Indeed!

Jo: I know...but God in His infinite wisdom gave me kids very different to me.

Amanda: Tell me again you don't miss it. I have this terrible sneaking suspicion my life will feel very empty when Star can go drive herself places ~ & that's coming up sooner than I would like! ☺

Ember: I read that quote & just cracked up! ☺ So terribly, sadly true! ☺