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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. Fifteen, My, you're almost a lady.


Persuaded said...

What a sweet picture. You know as I look at this I think how- to our kids- these photos look soooooooooo old, but to me these pics were taken just a coupla years ago. The time really does fly by... I never quite believed it when the kids were small, but it is oh-so-true now!

seekingmyLord said...

Happy Birthday, Star!!!!! So, do we get to see the paintball pictures or did you do something else instead?

Amanda said...

Oh she looks SO cute!! You all look lovely, but the little blondie looks adorable!

Happy birthday Star!!

Ganeida said...

Persuaded: Tell me about it! It's deplorable how these kids grow up while your back is turned. ☺

Seeking: we paintball on the 14th as we have to wait for all the parties involved to turn 15 ~legalities. Don't know about pics as I probably won't go. Irish dad wants to paintball too & has offered to take said children.

Amanda: She's always been cute ~ to her detriment. ☺

Jo said...

And you never dreamt that the 15 years would fly by so fast - if we did I am sure we would try to hold onto each day more than we do - treat them with more care. Lovely photo.

Ganeida said...

Jo: true: I had lots of littlies & it was just plain hard work too often. When Star arrived Liddy was 6 & I knew how fast the time flies so I have always treasure her just that little bit more, not because she is my favourite; don't do favourites, but because I have learnt how fast the time flies.

Jan Lyn said...

Oh, I love getting a glimpse back in time and a happy belated birthday there.
Ganeida, I just read in my blog that you did not KNOW that you were chosen for a top pick on QuakerQuaker. Honey, you DO make me giggle! I even saw it on the RSS feed into FaceBook. So, consider yourself a Quaker 'cyberhero' now! :)

I'm completely uninspired to write currently with a lot going on. Last summer though, a couple of mine were picked for QQ. I was a bit shocked, no, actually mortified as 1 was stemming from a conversation we had on the forum about Quakers viewing the different branches and it felt a tad bit annoying to me that all that was being said was so critical. So, I had to go and open my and let people know. Wouldn't you know THAT was the one chosen. Eckkk.

Yours was helpful and timely~very happy for you!
Sorry for the rambling in your comments here. I seem to have more words as the evening rolls on.


Jeanne said...

Awwwww, that photo is so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Star!

Ganeida said...

Thanks, Jeanne! ☺ It wasn't a good day in itself but she gets to do something very fun in a few weeks when her friend also turns 15.