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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm a cool mum.

Every time I close the door on reality in comes in through the windows. ~ Jennifer Unlimited

I'm a cool mum.
Who would ever have guessed?!

How do I know? My child told me so.

Now this is super special for a number of reasons. 1.I homeschool. The kiddo doesn't really get too many opportunities to get away from mummy. I own the wheels that take her where she wants to go. 2. I homeschool. This means that pretty much wherever my child goes I go too. This is not cool if you are over 5 years old. 3. I homeschool. Pretty much wherever my kiddo goes I go too. This could very easily turn her into an object of ridicule & harassment by her peers. I know this. So Star & I pretend that I'm not really there ~ well, I pretend & Star pretends to pretend.

We have played this strange little game for over 3 years, ever since Star joined AVAE & I began spending Wednesday evenings closeted at the back of rehearsals with a good book & a block of chocie. I remember not to answer for a child that is perfectly capable of answering for herself. I don't interrupt to remind said child that she needs to use her manners & speak respectfully; her teacher is perfectly capable of reminding her of that. I don't tell her who she can have as friends ~ despite rumors to the contrary homeschooled children are perfectly capable of choosing their own friends & maintaining friendships. I don't tell the teacher what she can & cannot teach my child. I don't meddle with the other children ~ in fact I am so low profile I'm barely there at all. AVAE is Star's thing. My job is to get her there, get her to performances, tell her she's wonderful & not complain too loudly when she starts warming up in the car. Unless you have experienced this you have no idea what a road hazard this is! I'm her mother & it's my job. It is not my place to take over her life.

Occasionally, when she thinks of it, Star remembers to tell me how much she appreciates me. Or at least how much she appreciates being driven round. On Saturday I got the bonus compliment. Apparently I am one cool mum. AVAE says so. I always come to rehearsals. I always compliment AVAE. I come to all the concerts. I help out if needed. Who would ever have thought that just doing what a mum does would be so cool.

I think Star thinks it's cool that everyone thinks I'm cool.


seekingmyLord said...

Isn't that sweet? I think you are a cool mom too!

Persuaded said...

Not only are you cool... you are beautiful! Seriously hon, your blue eyes are amazing... so so pretty♥

Hope your day goes well... we are on a cleaning rampage as the house has slipped into a truly deplorable state. It really has. I like things to be clean, but I honestly hate the work it takes to keep it that way!

Ember said...


Mrs. C said...

Later, you will be cool because you homeschooled. :)

Ganeida said...

Seeking: yes indeedy.

Persuaded: Hon, I love eyes that look upon me with the eyes of love. I have no illusions about my looks but Star always tells me I'm pretty too. lol Maybe she's looking at my eyes too, d'ya reckon?

Ember :O) Back.

MrsC: I wish. Actually AVAE thinks that's cool too. It's Star who doesn't.

Anonymous said...

"I think Star thinks it's cool that everyone thinks I'm cool." I missed that the first time around, it gave me a chuckle. Spoil the little sis for me today, hahaha!

Ganeida said...

Hey other girlie! I think we are solving the I~pod dilemma today. Unless the child has changed her mind. ♥ for you too.

Amanda said...

Ganeida, I think I would enjoy being your daughter... you are a wonderful mother.

What does AVAE stand for?

Ganeida said...

Amanda: Thank you. I'm not so sure the reality is so great. ☺

AVAE = Australian Vocal Arts Ensemble ~ note, ensemble NOT choir!

Jo said...

I think you sound a cool lady - the type I could chat with for ages. Aren't kids funny things. So far my sons haven't called me cool, one day perhaps.

PS I am living with an angry teenager at the moment (18) that can be tricky.

Ganeida said...

Jo: I have live with 3 angry male teenagers. Not fun. ♥Hugs♥ for you. The girls will do the drama & the hormones but they have been pretty easy to live with really.

Jan Lyn said...

No surprise to me at t'all because yes, we home school. :)

The quote is a great one as well. Love it!

joyfulmum said...

I'm just catching up on all your posts! I'm secretly hoping my dd says I'm cool when she's 15:)