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Sunday, August 1, 2010

One performance down.

The trick is to have fun while you are performing ~ Maureen O'Hara Performances generally make Star happy. We have finally managed to get the child some court shoes ~ not the ones either of us liked but seeing as the child now has size 10 feet we are counting our blessings that we found a pair to fit! Star promptly lurched up the stairs & nearly announced her performance arrival flat on her face, not being used to even a small heel. Island born & bred as she is Star rarely wears shoes at all & is normally to be found running about barefoot.

That travelling uniform may not be the prettiest thing around but I can assure you it was an inspired choice of colour. You can spot another AVAE student miles off & when you're not sure of venue or meeting point it is a such a relief to spot that vibrant orange glowing through crowds of people. You simply can't miss it.
This performance was *local* ~ which didn't stop me from getting lost on the way to rehearsal! I worry about me. I read the map completely backwards & only Star screaming, "That's Alison's car! Follow that car!" saved us from complete disaster. Mind you Star then announced that she wasn't at all sure it was Alison's car but there were people in it & that was good, right? Okaaaay....

It has been a long time since I've been in what you might call a *proper* church. It was something of a novel experience: the lights; the stained glass; the wall hangings; the organ ~ carpet...oh my!

The little hall out the back, which I remember from my childhood, was being used as a Green Room. I had planned to spend the afternoon performance sitting under a fig in the balmy sunshine reading but the weather was decidedly unco~operative so I sat in the car instead & promptly fell asleep.

It was a longish wait between performances, which is always difficult for us as unlike most of the choir we can't go home & freshen up. We ate & I had a ticket to the evening performance, but by then both Star & I were feeling decidedly grubby, back country hickish & Star had an allergic reaction to her makeup.

I always so enjoy hearing AVAE perform. Yeah, I know. I sit in rehearsals every week listening to each song being worked from the ground up & I make no bones about the fact I often hear the kids at their best because of it, when they have a song nailed but are relaxed & comfortable minus performance nerves. Just the same I've heard a lot of kids choirs over the years. Most have at least 30 voices just so they have some chance of getting a little volume. Alison had just 8 kids on stage & they filled the church, 3 part harmony, processional in.

God so blessed Star when He arranged for this opportunity for her though it has made her something of a musical snob ~ though not necessarily in a bad way. She has high standards & high expectations of anyone she works with because Alison's constant refrain with these kids is: if you want to work in this industry you must be professional! Star has taken that refrain to heart. She tries hard to arrive prepared & perform professionally & she also expects that from anyone she works with. Sad to say, not all professionals are professional in their attitude & not everyone treats the kids with the respect their work should be accorded.

We stayed to listen to a little of the 2nd half of the concert because Star's flute teacher & his son were playing clarinet in the orchestra. Star was a little taken aback. "I'm not used to being on this side of the performance," she whispered, " but at least I know when to clap!" She's a funny, funny bunny! It was a very late night!


Jeanne said...

"not everyone treats the kids with the respect their work should be accorded." Sigh, that must be so frustrating. God has so blessed Star. You are right.

Ganeida said...

Jeanne! I am so delighted to have you back. ♥ I know your heart is sore but I am so happy to *see* you!

seekingmyLord said...

I am so glad it went well. I wish I could see one of her performances live in person.

Persuaded said...

I wish I could hear her! Any chance of recording or videoing a performance sometime? It would make all of your loyal readers sooooo happy;-)