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Thursday, June 3, 2010

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.

This is being a really, really difficult year. We are being plagued by a low grade infection that is robbing everyone in the house of energy & making us all feel just blah. I am so over it. Hence the lack of blog posts recently.

This is not how I like to school. Ditz & I literally drag ourselves through the day & sad to say I have been known to fall asleep while reading one of my favourite books aloud to the child. Can you imagine?! Poor old Ditz has had to put her Home Ec studies to practical application & has been wonderful about getting a meal on the table those nights I just can't work up the energy to even think about food. Food & I aren't the best of friends even on good days because there is always something else I would much rather be doing than preparing food that goes in one end & comes out the other. It seems such a waste of time & energy. I'm waiting on someone inventing the definitive food pill. I will be out of the kitchen so fast you won't see me for library dust.

Then there have been all the other changes around here. Each & every one is perfectly normal & ordinary but when there are so many of us & so many changes I just feel I'm on a constant merry~go~round. Dino comes, Liddy goes. Liddy comes, Theo goes. Theo goes as Dino arrives & the cats go into meltdown. Cats at the vet, Dino in hospital, Theo in the middle of a cyclone & Liddy crashed her car ....Actually the year is no better or worse than other years. It's just being so constantly ill makes it harder to cope with everything. I can't remember the last time I felt I really had a grip on things & the energy to do stuff.

If I think about it, it does occur to me every year 9/10 has been a horror time academically for our kids. We pulled Joss out to homeschool then, things had got so bad at his school. Dino took himself out west to go fishing on the most notorious fishing grounds in Australia. Theo joined him temporarily. Liddy got Bamah Forst, Glandular Fever & then Chronic Fatigue & we pulled her out to homeschool. Why should Ditz be any different?

Actually, to Ditz's credit, she is displaying some common sense. She realises her school time is growing short & she has decided she doesn't really want a career in music ~ well, not in the Arts with a capital A world. This is something of a relief but Ditz has seen enough of it to know it is morally fraught but she thinks she might like to teach as an aside & do nannying. Okaaay. Nothing like changing horses mid~stream. As I have a cousin who travelled the world on her nannying ticket I happen to think that nannying is not such a bad idea & considerably better than some Ditz has had [like travelling to London to audition for the next Harry Potter movie!]. We were planning to get her started on her child care 3 next year any way, along with some computer graphics. Her music she will always have & it will hardly be wasted ~ though once Ditz is over the self conscious teen angst years we may find she has changed horses again & is boogeying away up on stage.

God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.


Ruby said...

Sorry to read you are not feelingup to par.
Though we all seem reasonabley well we have a number of family and friends who seem to be experiencing a similar illness this year. Very draining.
Have a good weekend and enjoy your lovely family even if they do keep your head spinning!!

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry you are unwell. All this activity would be tiring when well.

Molytail said...

Sickness really sucks, to put it simply. Sorry you're under the weather (where did such a strange expression ever come from, I wonder!) - and wow. I read the part about Ditz and 'music career' and went :-o because we've had much the same happen here! My girl who is a whirling, twirling bundle of musical energy quit the choir here a little while back - I haven't written about it (I haven't written about a lot, actually) and seems determined to go in a different direction entirely. She says she wants to be a hair stylist!

This whole 'growing up' thing is gonna do my head in, I swear. :-P

Ganeida said...

Ruby: it's an odd one for sure. We're not *unwell* but we're not well either. I love my family but some weeks I feel like I need a breather. lol

Sandra:*snigger* ~ & that from the lady with 24 horses & a 3 minute summer! ROFL!

Moly: I have missed your posts girl. Maybe we should revert to e~mailing & you can tell me all about it. I have questions & only you have the answers. ☺ My cousin [the opera singer] always complained all the men were gay [so where was *she* going to find one] & now Ditz says the same thing. The novelty's worn off & with it a lot of the gilt & glitz. We'll see because she's still in the choir & she still loves to perform & Alison really does keep the worst of it from the kids while not wholly protecting them because if they want to work in the industry this is how it is.

Sandra said...

Ah, but Ganeida....yours is all human activity and stress. I would go crazy from it. Except for the kitty and the wishbone. I'd have a normal meltdown over that. : )

Amanda said...

You sound like what I feel lol. I hate those half-hearted sick things that leave you wondering if you will ever feel normal again. I hope you feel better soon my friend!

Sometimes we need a holiday from the hustle and bustle of family life. But where is a Mum to go? LOL

Hope you have a lovely weekend...

ps. I love the saying at the beginning of the post. Just beautiful.

Mrs. C said...

Praying for GREAT WONDERS coming your way this year!! Nannying actually sounds like a tremendously GOOD idea if she can find the right family. :)

Bonnie said...

Amanda said it--where do Mum's go on holiday? I think we could all use a holiday. Its amazing what we do in an effort to just feel better. Times of stress and sickness always seem to come. I think the trick is to really enjoy the in between times, when you find them. Hope that you feel better soon!! Thank you for the sweet and encouragain words.

Ganeida said...

Amanda: There are some great quotes round aren't there? ☺

MrsC: Thank you. ☺ Much of my cousins' work was only 6 week stints rather than long term stuff. She did the newborn stuff so the first 6 weeks home. Pretty crazy making I would think but employers flew her all round the world & one paid for her to return to the States for their 2nd ~ just in time for 9/11.

Bonnie: Of course you are right ~ only I'm too busy to be sick for long & this is dragging on & on. *sigh* At least one of us is on an up. ☺

Site Administrator said...
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Site Administrator said...
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seekingmyLord said...

I am catching up, as I have been busying myself with other things. Ganeida, I am very sorry you have been ill. Please tell me of such things so that I may pray for you.

I have been a bit drained more than usual the last couple of weeks myself and I too would like to take a vacation from my "life" right now, but as to falling asleep while reading a book aloud to your daughter, I have done that more often than I would like to admit over the past nine years.

Ditz will probably change her mind again and I suspect my Princess will as she has so many ideas about what she would like to be. However, music is something they both will always have to use in service to our Lord in whatever fashion He requires of them. That is all I ever hoped of it.