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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take a real look at the sharps & flats, we're composing a lot. Izmirliev

You may have noticed things have been rather quiet on the music
front this year. It has been nice. We toddle in on Wednesdays for rehearsals & that's pretty much been it. Without a car I have just quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It couldn't last. It was never going to last, but my, it has been nice!

See Creative Gen, which is about to be all over & which we aren't doing because Ditz is not considered a public school citizen, frees Alison up...& that means she is free to book her choir. We have begun.

Firstly, just for entertainment value, we got 24 hours notice that we need to be in the Chandler studio tomorrow night to record a jingle. I am seriously hoping Alison gets this deferred to next week so I have time to figure out how I am going to get us there ~ & back in time for the last boat. This however is a scream. Lucky Aussies will hear this jingle on t.v with our kids voices ~ & the faces of another choir!!! I don't even begin to want to know. Madness.

Anyway, the kids have been working on medieval music, which I prefer over classical. Something about the sounds appeals to my ear though the kids have had issues. Although their sheet music is lovely & modern looking the plain fact is the music was originally written without bar breaks & modern notation so it doesn't always do what it looks like it should! Beautiful. You can hear Balulalow here or Thomas Weelkes the Nightingale here or Orlando Gibbon's Silver Swan here. It sounds deceptively simple but this is not easy music. Despite this, the kids are starting to sound wonderful. Should be great when they finally nail it all.

Next month the event of the year, the event we have been anticipating for 2 years, occurs. Our leprechaun friends from Ireland arrive ~ & as Ditz so pointedly remarked, sure as eggs she will have music commitments coming out her ears to cut into her time with the friends she only sees on their two yearly visit to Oz for a very short 6 weeks. Life's like that sometimes.


Persuaded said...

Oh, I wish I could hear that jingle on my tv! Any chance it'll be up on youtube???

alecat said...

I really like medieval music here, too.
Actually, we're a bit nuts in our house, as hubby and I often pretend to 'speak' to the children in medieval sing-song.
Thanks for the links to the music. I'll go and have a listen. :)

Amanda said...

yes, we want to see/hear it on youtube lol...

Ganeida said...

Diane: I am working on the child doing something on the camera I can post but suddenly for no discernable reason she's all self~conscious! lol She knows you'll all love her no matter how awful she thinks it sounds.

alecat: I envy you your musical background. I feel such a moron sometimes ~ & yet I love it all!

Amanda: You are likely to get it on t.v & be sick to death of it before you're done. I'll let you know when it's been released.

Jeanne said...

I want to hear when it's released as well...

Oh, I wish I was a leprechaun. I'd like to visit you twice a year too!!

Ganeida said...

Jeanne: You may be sorry ~ but I'll keep you posted. ☺ & our friends come out once every 2 years. It is HUGE in our calender!