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Friday, January 30, 2009

Summer medly.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker
Mudjimba Beach when the beach is pleasant even if the surf is unsurfable ~ Well, that's what Ditz thought any way. She barely got her feet wet & preferred to swim in the Village pool. She did do the surf lesson with Liddy though she said it was all very well for Liddy but she had trouble just paddling out past the breakers let alone stand & balance on a board! Not my sporty one. Liddy did another couple of lessons but the bluebottles arrived & she came home covered in welts where she'd been stung. I'd never have got in the surf with bluebottles but Liddy doesn't care so long as she can whinge to someone after the fact!
You can walk out to the island on a low tide & round the foreshore to the snazzy resort that we were using as a shortcut to the beach.
Some of the apartments are built out over the lagoon & so is the restaurant ~ a very visible reminder that there is a side to the Sunshine Coast we don't see all that much of ~ tourists with money to burn. We tend to avoid the big well known beaches & of course this time school had gone back so the beaches tended to be deserted between 9am & 3pm. It was very nice.

The resort is huge & beautifully landscaped but the girls were still in their swimming things so we walked on through.
January is our wet season so most days were overcast with intermittent showers, even Australia Day. The time trials for the canoes were first order of the day. Here's mum giving the royal salute before she does her round.Then there was the relay...2 lots of paddlers capsized to great mirth from all the onlookers. Mum's team won this event.
Ditz made herself useful holding canoes steady for the competitors....
While Liddy found herself holding onto a collection of watches & cameras. They were the only grandkids still round.
Mum played her first game of bowls in soaring temperatures. We abandoned her for the air conditioned clubhouse.
Ditz & mum doing the thong throwing after a substantial lunch. This was hysterical to watch & had everyone in stitches.


Molytail said...

Oh how I miss the ocean... *sigh* ....jellyfish and all. Granted, there are way less painful things in *our* oceans... :-P

Molytail said...

Oh oh, and a Christmas card turned up today! Cindy says thank you! to Ditz - heh, I think it took it's time because she had left a piece off the address *grin* made it though...wonder what kind of story it would have to tell about its travels!

Mrs. C said...

Wow, your mum canoes?? And bowls? It looks like a beautiful day at the beach, too. :]

Heidi said...

It looks like a fun day, but what are bluebottles??

Ganeida said...

Heidi: bluebottles are a small blue jellyfish with a long stinger of a tail that wraps round it's victim. It is extremely painful & leaves huge welts.

MrsC: my mum is amazing. She does all sorts of things & can still out pace me & Liddy on a walk.

Sandra said...

I've been checking, I thought daily, and all of a sudden you're back. Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Your mum sounds amazing!