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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Food & clothing...

A mother's treasure is her daughter. ~Catherine Pulsifer
While Liddy did her 2nd surf lesson I took Ditz into Nambuccar [which I can't spell & spell check can't help me with] to look for clothes; remember I have an ongoing saga with keeping the child clothed & decent. The outlets may have the same name but the choices are sometimes slightly different & we lucked out: 2 pairs of long shorts, 2 T~s. I couldn't believe it. And the shorts were on special! Despite herself Ditz was pleased ~ & relieved.
Later on we went into Noosa for a meal at Rosies, which is run by a family friend. We usually arrive early & go for a stroll along the Noosa River, which the foresighted council has kept as parkland. We got distracted by the shoe shop which had the brightest collection of footwear I've ever set eyes on.
Mum can still outwalk us all. She gets up a head of steam like you wouldn't believe for her age but she used to play State Netball & is still really fit & sporty. Liddy is so like her it blows my mind sometimes while poor old Ditz got the other set of genes completely & while I like to walk I don't believe in getting my heart rate up.
As dusk descends the rosellas come in to roost. These are a brightly coloured, very noisy bird. The sky swirled in dark clouds & loud clamourings while we sipped icey water & considered the menu. Rosie's is always a little nostalgic. Not only have the owners watched my kids grow up but they knew my dad & Mark & remember the occasions we all dined together on those rare occasions we were all in the same place at the same tiume. Despite what people say about English cooking they do a mean menu though I usually choose a main from the appetizers as a proper main is just too much food all at once for me.

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Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to be able to walk long distances, but my lungs let me down. My aim in life, as a child, was to run a marathon...maybe in Heaven!