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Sunday, November 16, 2008


“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”

Half the island is without power, all the south end in fact. Storms do that. Our summer storms have arrived early & with a vengeance.

We wrapped all our timber in plastic. We shut the windows against the tempest & slowly wilted in the pressure cooker our house quickly became. The cat became neurotic. The humidity is excruiating.

Only the garden is happy. I am picking beans & silverbeet & cabbage. The watermelon is running rampant. The corn is heading. The cucumber is cucumbering & the snow peas have decided not to give up the ghost. The garden adores this warm muggy weaher & intermittant showers. Everything I planted out is sprouting new growth ~ something to delight any gardener's heart.

No church. Liddy finished late in a torential downpour & we missed the boat It's been that sort of a week.

I rang QPAC to order tickets for Liddy & I to watch Ditz do her thing at least once. I explained we're out on the islands. I asked could I pay when I picked up tickets at rehearsal. And still they aked for credit card details. We don't do credit; ever. They had two seats left for Friday but wouldn't hold tickets for us. I sent an express post cheque with all our details on the back as I was asked & still they rang for the details because the details hadn't got through to the Ticket office! To add insult to injury there are no seats left for the days available to us. We are so not organized. We should have hooked up with mum who is coming down for he Saturday matinee. Ditz is gloating. Ma is paying to listen to her sing when she can have it for free any holiday!

I am going into this week with a migraine & that can not be good news. I am blaming the weather. It is terribly hot & muggy & now it's rained it's just getting steamier & steamier. Ugh!


Duchess said...

Seriously...I don't know whats going on with your blog!

Have you crashed it again? This time, I got directed to some gobblydook posted by someone called Natalie!? What the...?!?

Anyhow...kind of finally found you but...whats this...only two posts?

At least you're getting rain...all we're getting is cloud...and that's not much good to us!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hello, Mrs. Henderson! LOL

I see on the linkys to the left some Quaker info. Are you a Quaker? I didn't realize there were too many in Aus.

(hugs) and I'm so glad you're up and bloggin' again!!

Ganeida said...

Duchess, you want to come & sort out my computer incompetance you know where I live! ;D

MrsD, no not a lot of Quakers in Queensland & I can't often get to meeting. You should hear Ditz on the whole sitting still & being quiet thing! Perhaps not; not pretty. I go when I can otherwise I worship in a more traditional way with my girls but once our deck is up & running we will probably reschedule our bible study & I want to incorporate a period os silence into that. That will rattle a few cages. :)