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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little minds have little worries... Ralph Waldo Emerson

It has been an ugly few days. I am having a meltdown about driving into town. Ditz swears black & blue she is not nervous about this concert so I have no explanation for her meltdown. I lost it last night when I couldn't work my way of the second map either coming or going. Total freak out! This is why I do not like driving in the city. I don't know where anything is is relation to anything else. I dislike being honked at by irate drivers who don't like what I'm doing. I dislike traffic & I can't read any of the signs until I'm almost past them, at which point it is far too late to do anything about it. Oh & the thing I hate most of all, the over~riding thing to have my head spinning, is being on a time limit! I can do anything if I'm allowed to do it in my own sweet time. Tell me it has to be done within a set of strict time guidelines & I promptly have problems.

Dearest came to the rescue. It looks easy on paper.

So I have marked all my maps for Ditz. I have written down the exact number of street lights we pass on every road & where we turn on what map. Unfortunately my Ditz is like her mother. We ignore the details for the big picture. This is not good news when it comes to map reading. Liddy is the one I need & Liddy is working. Ditz does not want to read maps. *sigh* She has the attention span of a gnat. I think I've said that before. What Ditz wants to do is sit in the back as she normally does & sing constantly. Anything rather than hold her mother's hand while she has a major meltdown behind the wheel.

I have a mantra: It is Sunday. There won't be much traffic. If I do it once when there isn't so much traffic it will be easier next time, when there will be peak hour traffic. All will be well.

If Ditz does nothing else she can pray like mad. See, I'm on here having a public meltdown so I don't have to contemplate in reality how awful today is going to be. I have promised myself an ice cream cone for being such a good mummy. I will walk round Southbank, view the Sunday markets & have an ice cream while Ditz walks through her performance. There is much to be grateful for. It isn't raining. It isn't stinking hot & steamy. The sun is shining & there is a breeze. I'd be looking forward to a pleasant day if it wasn't for the driving. It Dearest's fault. He likes to drive & so he never let me do it~ only now he can't & I have to & changing a lifetime's habits at my age is no easy task. Ok, deep breath. Off we go!


molytail said...

*hugs from clear across the ocean!*

Have you ever looked at Google Maps ? I like using it to get a "picture" of where I'm going..there's a regular map and then you can also have the satellite image, showing houses & land and stuff... though of course it only works if where you're going *has* a good satellite image..

Ignore the irate drivers - cranky people who have no patience, try and pay them no mind. (Unless of course they are honking to warn you that you are backing up into a giant hotdog cart..) ....

Cindy is my road sign reader (I can see them okay in the day, but not at night) - she makes a game of it, wanting to spot and read the signs before I do.. fine by me - one less thing for me to do.

Does your car have a cd player? Make yourself some tunes for these drives - favourites that are relaxing (but not sleep inducing!)


Ganeida said...

Oh, moly, you're a gem! :) NO CD player & I turn the radio of as well so I can hear myself think. I do better in silence. The girls like the radio on.

I do google maps for virtual travelling. lol.;P I use a refedex to work out routes around town. Ditz did pretty well until we were about 2 streets away from our destination then the maze of one way streets did us in & it took us 1/2 an hour to navigate the last little bit. UGH!!!

It got really windy, lots of grit, & it got unpleasant out so I went & sat in the car & fell asleep. We had far less trouble coming out. I saw a sign for home & fled in that direction despite Ditz's prostestations that I was going the wrong way!