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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Struck by the Spirit.

I'm always trolling for trivia. ~ Lynne Abbey

I'm sure something important got taught this week.  Something deep ~ profound even.  I think I missed it.  What my brain has retained is the trivia of small things.

From Genesis 1 ~ 11 covers 2000 years. Adam could have talked to Noah's father.  See, I don't do numbers & all those big improbable ones made no sense until it was pointed out these lives actually overlapped. This is important as things about God got passed directly, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.  The Chinese character for boat is vessel  with 8 people = ark.  There are 2 Greek words for *Time* [don't you hate English sometimes?; it really muddies the waters]: kyross [like moed & meaning appointed time] & kronoss [sequential time.]  I think my spelling may be a little odd on these.  Man's length of days shall be 120 years not 3 score & 10.  Yes, it's there in Genesis 6:3.  The other is referencing the Israelites wanderings in the desert from the Psalm of Moses.    During the time of Peleg God divided the continents.

I am pretty predictable. My head may already be crammed full of absolute trivia but I can always make room for more.  I am really enjoying the teaching from this man ~ on O.T history.  We are also considering covenants ~ which I know a bit about so feel secure enough there but healing is another matter.  I've come in very late & not being from a charismatic background am foundering a little with the theology of it but it will sort itself out.  It doesn't help I don't have much interest in healing.  It is always the practical things that are my undoing.  So long as we stick to the theory I'm just fine! Or trivia.  I'm real good with trivia!

What has been really wonderful, remembering I've had a lot of experience with the other sort of Christians, is that when I got asked why I was starting early & I had to 'fess up it was because I got directed to, I was absolutely, totally 100% believed & they believe, as I do, that God will provide the money.  Just as well as it is all still tied up!!!

Which is all very well & good but I have no real idea why God wants me there.  Do I even want to know?  Possibly not.  I probably wouldn't like the answer.  I'm such a good little ostrich.  My head is firmly in the sand!


joyfulmum said...

Wow amazing trivia, some of which I didn't know:) yes I thought healing would definitely come up, I've learned a lot about that topic from some of the teachers who are behind rhema, all good though:)

Ganeida said...

Rosemary: Ah~ha! Someone who knows Rhema. Yes, I have been very happy with their teaching. I seem to be plugging holes. I have the general idea but not the practical application. How like me! ☺