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Friday, April 20, 2012

The good, the bad & the ugly.

“Reality continues to ruin my life.” ~ Bill Watterson

New beginnings, different paths.   Life is galloping along at a frentic rate but I have survived.  I am very tired.  Too many late nights & early mornings.  The late nights are fine ~ my sleeping pattern being what it is ~ but the early mornings!  Well, actually, it's not the mornings so much as the mid~morning when my body suddenly decides it's had enough & it is definitely nap time.  As I am in class then that's not so good!

The house is ugly.  It has rained all week.  The washing piled up in the bathroom.  The washing piled up in the sink.  The cats piled up around their people.  When I did not come home with Dino Wednesday Marlow just about took people out in his dismay.  Then, we missed our usual boat.  There is nothing rattier making than seeing the boat lights disappear down the channel & knowing you've just missed a boat with an hour to wait till then next one.  We rarely miss boats these days but some things are beyond our control.

So this morning I began the washing.  Four loads down, one to go.  Star & I made trifle.  I was generous with the alcohol.  The kitchen is clean ~ or more precisely, I can see the bench tops!  I poisoned the rampant weeds, for which I am technically not responsible but if I don't do it they invade our property.  I trimmed the mock orange blocking the light into the kitchen window.  Now I am too tired to think straight I'm about to start my homework. Ho~hum.  I can remember doing this in high school ~ & uni.  You would think I'd've move on but apparently some things don't change.  Looks like coffee to midnight runs are still the in thing.

Am I enjoying it all?  Early days.  Honestly I'm not sure just yet.  I really love the teaching from this man  ~ he's covering the O.T history.  I know lots of it already but it falls nicely in my comfort zone & his teaching style suits me.  We are doing healing ~ waaay outside my comfort zone.  I leave that to my friend, Seeking.  And we are looking at covenants ~ I knew the meaning but tracing it through from beginning to end is proving enlightening.  The teaching style doesn't suit me so well but, so far, this is not proving to be a difficult subject. We conferenced with Mark Hankin for the beginning of the week.  Amazing speaker but I really don't think I've retained all that much.

The hardest thing for me is how noisy it all gets.  I know.  What a thing to whinge about but I dread praise & worship times.  It gives me a headache ~ on a bad day a full blown migraine.  And yes, I know all about David leaping about singing & praising God & what happened to Michal for complaining about his antics.  It still gives me a headache.  I have no idea how one worships like this.

I am going to talk about Abraham soon.  I finally understand what he & God were doing in the wilderness.  It makes me happy.


Julie B. said...

It's amazing how something as teeny tiny as going to school all of a sudden can throw a household off. :)

I look forward to your thoughts about Abraham. And I love the quote about how reality can ruin a life.

And about exuberant worship? I go to a church where this is the norm, but I have a bit of trouble too. I told my family just yesterday that if dancing is REQUIRED in heaven, I'll need special help. I thought about it for a long time, cannot picture myself doing the sashaying/banner waving thing. But all of a sudden I liked the thought of doing Irish clogging. So I asked the Lord to please let me be a clogger in heaven, not that I know how to do it now. I expect the ability will be imparted somehow, and I will happily dance with all my might then.

God bless you and yours, dear Ganeida...

Ganeida said...

Julie! We simply must catch up. I've tried a couple of times when I've been free & it's still daylight on your side of the world but no luck so far.

Dancing? What's that?! lol Perhaps one of those stately Medieval measures for me?

Ruby said...

Being a conservative some of that mayhem frightens me. What ever happened to your meditative Quaker prayer time? I can well imagine what your head must feel like. Perhaps the Lord has placed you there to show a more excellent way? But concerning the studies, there is always so much more for us to learn!

Ganeida said...

Ruby: Me too! :( I am not an extrovert. And the irony, the beautiful, beautiful irony, is that it was during my quiet, meditative Quaker prayer time I got sent to do this!!! I don't know how anyone hears from God when so much racket is going on. I really struggle in this area because I am so very much the opposite ~ especially with praise & worship. Thinking on God tends to make me very still & quiet! lol

The fruit is good though. That tells me a lot. And I am being shown the why of why I am there. It's a good thing I have a muddly head that can hold all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker coming out of the shade at last. I LOVE readng your thoughts - from scatty cats to Abraham. I admire you going back to study as well - it is somthing I would find so hard to do, having not done any for so long! We go to a church which is termed "ecumenical" but people feel free to worship as they want to. Some stand in rows, others lift hands, and some dance down the isles, but everyone is encouraged to do what they feel is right for them. I would find the "full-on" worship times very hard too.
I just need to mention that I clicked through to the link"this man" on Saturday and looked at the page, and gota nasty virus through the link which was really hard to get rid of. It wasn't picked up by our antivirus software and was a virus pretending to be antuvirus software which doesn't go away but wants you to send money to get rid of it. Fortunately my othee half is very computer lieterate and eventually tracked it down and got rid of it, but I wouldn't want anyone else to have the same problem. IT may just have been me clicking on something at the wrong time - I don't know much about these things. Howeer, it won't stop me coming back fo more dear Ganeida! Adrienne

Joluise said...

I'm glad you it through the washing, I would hate you to drown in it. I'm not one for loud singing at church, then I'm not one for modern hymns either, the Brethren meetings that we went to as kids where a quiet affair and that is what I am use to and prefer. Calm reflection and peace, not a concert.

Ganeida said...

Adrienne: Well HELLOA!!! I love lurkers delurking. ☺ Hmm, my spyware isn't showing anything & it's usually pretty good. I have more on Abraham ~ simply because my mind works in rather weird & unusual ways. Ah well, it keeps me entertained. I am so pleased you left a comment. I love making ne computer friends.

Joluise: Indeed. I am a surprisingly quiet person ~ rather unlike my blog persona really. I was amused though as I was initially put into a very loud & extroverted prayer group in school but have sinced been moved to the quieter, more thoughtful group. lol I wonder if me sticking my finger in my ears had anything to do with that?!

Diane said...

Sigh.. I'm feeling dreadfully behind, which I suppose is to be expected when one pretty much drops off the face of the internet for months at a time, eh? You're going to school? Oh, you brave brave soul;)
We simply *must* talk. You tell me the day that works for you and I'll make it work for me:)

Love and hugs and kisses♥

Ganeida said...

Diane, Saturday our time is my only freeish day. Let me know. Julie & Seeking are after time too. lol I feel so loved!