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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

God's Brag Book.

Ye search the scriptures, because ye think that in them ye have eternal life; and these are they which bear witness of me; ~ John 5:39

I love how when God develops a theme He makes sure I get His point.

Recently I've started thinking of the Bible as God's Brag Book.  No, seriously.  Exactly like those little books proud parents drag round full of random snaps of their kids.

I have excellent teachers.  It is not their fault that what my mind has fastened onto is the trivia, the incidentals, the weird.  I have the big picture, being a big picture thinker & all.  What I am enjoying is colouring it all in.  It's along the lines of wandering round, as you do, with the jig~saw pieces that won't fit anywhere in your hand & every so often you take them out, look at them, study the big picture, fiddle about for a bit then someone goes, "Oh, that belongs here!" & pops it into its spot & suddenly all the next pieces go flashing into place as well.

Anyway we have been paddling through the O.T ~ which is cool but O.T you know, & I've heard about the Red Sea parting all my life & how the Jews made a golden calf while Moses was up the mountain talking with God.  I knew about the brass serpent [& how seriously weird is that story?] & I was like, Where is the relevance for me?  Now I get the big picture, remember?  But what's with all the details?

You all being so clever & well instructed & practical  probably have this already but I did not ~ which is what I get for sticking my head in the clouds & my nose in a book.  The exodus from Egypt is a story within a story.  This is extreme metaphor.  How did I ever miss this?

The story of the exodus is a metaphor for the Christian journey.  We are released from the slavery to sin by the shed blood [the Passover Lamb], walk through the sea of baptism [cross the Red Sea], get taught the word of God [Mt Sinai] & are brought to the very outskirts of Kadesh Barnea.  It was from here the spies were sent out to survey the Promised Land, remember?  So 2 things, because just like the Israelites this is where the majority of Christians falter: We have to coss the Jordan [the 2nd baptism, the baptism of the Holy Spirit] & enter in trusting in the Promises of God.  And just like the Israelites so many of us hang back & go ~ Not possible.  The land is inhabited by Giants.

Oh, & that snake story!  Well, in order to drape a snake over anything, even a brass snake, you really need a cross piece on your pole.  And if you put a cross piece on a pole what do you have?  I know!!!  It makes me happy! A picture of sin nailed to the cross. * Dancing a little jig here.*

And some trivia just because it amuses me:  There is a a natural geological land bridge at just one place in the Red Sea, which is actually quite deep, sitting as it does in the Red Sea Rift, which is part of the Great Rift Valley.  And then there is Jabal al~Lawz with it's charred mountain top & it's verbal history amongst the locals that Moses camped here with his Israelites.  Just as the bible says. Not everyone agrees with this theory; surprise me, but there is good evidence for it & it is in this area the underwater land bridge crosses over. The link is quite long but it covers all the points in detail, including the land bridge.  Interesting stuff.

Then there is the extra I learnt metaphorically about Abraham & Isaac.  See, this works for me in a deep & profound way, in a way just the stories do not.  This stuff anchors me deep & roots my faith like the cedars of Lebanon.

One:  Genesis 22:2 is the first place in the bible the word love is mentioned ~ & it is in relation to a Son of Promise!

Two: He had wood; wood is always symbolic of the cross.

Three: He had fire [the Holy Spirit] Interestingly the fire is not used but also there is the donkey & the burden bearer also represents the Holy Spirit.

Four: & this should just blow your mind considering what Abraham is there to do!  verse 5. We will worship & then we will come back to you!  Not I; We.

Five: Guess who carries the wood? Yep, the Dearly Beloved Son.

six: Moriah is part of a mountain range of which Golgotha is part & guess how high it is. 777 feet, & 7 is the number of perfection!  Repeated here 3 times, representing the trinity! 

Gosh I love this stuff!

And the best bit:  It is here, in this particular story, you see God snap shut the door on Satan legally.  Due to the terms of covenant what is demanded of one party can be demanded of the other.  Without this Satan could legally claim God wasn't playing fair by sending His son.  Because of the covenant terms, because Abraham met the terms, God was legally required to reciprocate & so could send His son to redeem us ~ & there wasn't a thing Satan could do about it!!!


Ruby said...

Wonderful to read of your excitement of your studies. Obviously the College teaches what they believe on subjects but would you consider another view? After the wilderness wonderings, our pilgrimage, we face the last enemy, death. We then cross over into the Promised Land (Heaven).

Ganeida said...

Yes, I knew that would be your viewpoint but does it make sense in context? Consider that we are promised power & that we would do greater things under the impact of the Holy Spirit than Christ himself did. Just in the spirit of discussion. ☺

There is one baptism for the remission of sins but the recieving of the spirit is stated separately. Presbyteranism does not teach this I know. When I personally asked God about this rather than just accepting man's doctrine He clearly showed me there is a disctinction & to walk fully in His power I needed both. When I walk in the spirit I have power. Unfortunately I am highly disctractable & forget what I'm suppossed to be doing!

Diane said...

Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much I loved this! Especially the snake bit... I have never understood that, always just tucked it away in the things-I'll-be-asking-the-Lord-about-someday department. But wow, sin nailed to the cross... that's it! I turned right around and told Amelia and she was like.. ahhh, I get it!

You have enlightened us and for that we thank you dear friend:)

Ruby said...

haha, at least we know what each other believes!
Just to clarify, although we do not believe that the gift of tongues is for this time, we do believe that every believer is filled with the Holy Spirit and led by him.

Catherine said...

Thank you!
I also had an 'ah!' moment when you mentioned the snake symbolism. I never got that before either!
Thank you for the links, too. I know some others who'd like to read this. :)

HomeGrownKids said...

Just letting you know Ganeida, that I am here - listening, reading... but due to my dad here, going away and doing a separate Bible study AND life I cannot contribute... but I love hearing what you are sharing!!!!! And one day soon, God willing, I will be able to join in :)

HomeGrownKids said...
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Anonymous said...

Adrienne here again! thanks for your note the other day. All is well this end! Maybe someone was trying to stop me accessing your words! I love the excitement in your writing as you discover the symbolism which runs right through the Bible. It gives me a new sense of excitement too - thank you! I hadn't thought about the covenant terms in that way before and it is strong stuff! We were talking about Abraham and Isaac in our home group and had picked up the WE will worship and come back to you - Abraham was so sure that he and Isaac would come back together - such faith! The serpent on a pole is referred to in John 3:14 too. Keep the writing coming - am loving it! Adrienne

Ganeida said...

Diane: you are welcome, my love. It's great, isn't it?!

Ruby: I know. I'm a pain. A conservative who's not conservative, a charismatic whose not Pentecostal & then a Quaker to boot. I'm sooo much fun to play with. Love you anyway! ♥♥♥

Catherine: How lovely to have you visit. I read over your place but blogger objects to me posting there more often than not. :(

Susan! How I wish I could squeeze your bible study in as well! As it is I'm burning my candle at both ends & the occasional sparks are flying!

Adrienne: Glad things worked out your end. Glad you are enjoying. I can get a real head of steam up over symbolism. lol

HomeGrownKids said...

Both of the sacrifices were to be be made outside the camp too ;)

Catherine said...

I'll have a go at changing my comment settings again and see if that makes a difference. :)