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Monday, April 9, 2012

It doesn't matter which side of my family you look at , it is only good for 2 things: farming ~ or seafaring.  My father managed to do both over the course of a long life.   He grew up in the heartland of market gardening & as his sister was later to remember, if an unusual plant was to be found in the district it would be found in their father's garden.  Of another relative it was said she gardened all morning ~ & read all afternoon.  [I'd take that any day!]

My father was the youngest of 4 boys & an older sister.  The boys were considered rather wild though it was Shirl who took out Dad's teeth with an axe!  Eventually  Dad & his brother, Merv, bought a cattle property together.  Bega is still in the family ~ not our bit of it, sadly.  The house is a lovely old queenslander nestled amongst the hills west of Brisbane with bits of the family scattered here & there about the district.

We headed out to Bega on Saturday to celebrate a cousin's wedding anniversary.  Star, of course, has been several times, but Dino was away while Lib was working out that way so this was his first visit to a place everyone who knows it is very fond of.

The other thing my family does well ~ at least those who have the gift ~ is music.  My cousin, Peter, has a fine tenor voice & has sung at family dos for decades.  Saturday was no exception.  He's very casual & serenaded everyone perched on Bega's verandah rail while the little kids scooted down the ramp on the trike.
 Girl cousins are a little thin on the ground in Star's generation but she did catch up with my brother's girl.  We had to prise them apart in the end.

It was a beautiful day & we had a lovely time ~ as one does at these things.


Ruby said...

What a terrific looking place for a family get together! Farmers and fishermen. Salt of the earth!

Ganeida said...

Very earthy. Very salty. lol It is a lovely spot.