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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Christmas, Liddy! ♥

There was no need to do any housework at all.  After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse.  ~Quentin Crisp

Yesterday was the day, you know.  I dragged Star kicking & screaming through the last 2 pages of her math: percentages which I have no hope of being able to do but it does not require a mathematical head to work out if your answer is less than 1/2 when you are only meant to reduce by 25% then something is very wrong.  Star insisted that the computer does not make mistakes.  Nor it does but if the user is feeding it random information a little common sense goes a long way! *sigh*  Star, at least, understood what she was meant to be doing ~ she just didn't want to do it but our work returns are already very late & the chips are down round here.  Next week 2 extra males land in this house & only a very optimistic idiot would expect anything but bedlam & chaos.  Next week we go into rehearsals for Spirit of Christmas [QPAC].  Next week we run out of November & in a month we run out of year, so. And so.

Anyway, having written Star's name legibly on all her work because, sad to say, the child's handwriting still looks like a bomb exploded on the page [yes, we use her computer for nearly all her written work!] & packaged everything up into the relevant envelop ready for today's mail, I turned my attention to my house.

Now I have met those wonderful women who can run their own lives & everyone else's into the bargain without getting a hair ruffled out of place ~ but I am not one of them.  I do some things well.  I can even do a number of different things well but the more things I'm juggling the ball I'm most likely to drop first is the house because there is nothing intrinsically exciting about scrubbing the loo or even sweeping the floor & neither had been done for some weeks.  It was past time to do some necessary housework.  In fact it was time to do what I rarely do & actually move furniture in order to clean behind it, under it & around it.  This was made easier by actually being able to dispose of all the school stuff that usually clutters my living room & can't be touched in case it disappears never to be found again!

Yes, this post does have a point because back here Liddy had a meltdown over losing her brand new camera cord.  Despite several massive hunts that necessitated tearing the house apart  & lots of angst & heartache the cord still hadn't appeared when Liddy boarded her plane for Holland.  I had that terrible sinking sensation you get when you think you might just be responsible but have no clear memory of what you've done.  I do remember finally throwing in the bin a whole heap of stray cords that no longer seemed to belong to anyone .  It was certainly feasible that Lid's camera cord was amongst them.

Then yesterday, heaving the heavy couch away from the wall so I could mop my foot kicked something scrunched up & still tied with the original black plastic tie; Lid's missing camera cord!  Not where she swore black & blue she'd last seen it.  Not, obviously, carelessly dropped beside the couch because it would have been found months ago.  Nope.  Waaaaay back yonder amongst the dust balls, stray cat hair & dead spiders where even stray long implements fishing for missing items are unlikely to find it.

Guess it goes in the mail some time soon.  Happy Christmas, Liddy!


joyfulmum said...

yay again! and merry Christmas Liddy! :)

Persuaded said...

hehehe... I've lost the cord to my camera as well. Thankfully my phone uses the same kind of cord, so I just shift back and forth between the two. Small blessings!

seekingmyLord said...

The cord! Of course it was not where she thought it would be, or else she would have found it! (Duh!)