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Friday, November 25, 2011

There is a great deal to dislike about this time of year: the heat; the humidity; the Christmas madness; exams; hordes of kids released for the school hols; but amongst all the things I gripe about periodically there are things I anticipate with pleasure because all over Queensland now is the time of year both the Poinsiana [see lovely pics here] & the Jacaranda flower.  Both are lovely spreading shade trees & earlier, farsighted councils, planted them along the footpaths so that now the streets are carpeted in red & mauve & the red flames against the burnished sky & the mauve fades into it.

Our Poinsiana flowers late.  It is a rather shabby tree that was damaged when we got it & has struggled through the years of drought & random prunings so we can reach our front door but each year it still gamely throws out the great sprays of brilliant red flowers that announce summer is well & truly here!

Yep there is a house in there somewhere.  We have worked very hard the years we've been here to get our garden up & running.  One of the quirkier quirks of the old island was that whenever someone needed *sand* they removed all some~one else's topsoil so when we bought our block of land we were down to a bedrock of clay & ironstone that baked like cement.  As they side of the house faces the west it became unbearably hot through the summer months no matter how much of a breeze we got off the water from the other direction.

So another performance down; another mainland trip with Dearest in stifling heat & today I am just grateful to be home with the clouds bearing down on the heat & a breeze ruffling the water.  Much better.


Ruby said...

Very few Jacarandas round here but oh..the Poincianas are magnificient! Hot though to look at on a shimmery, humid day such as we are having. The Frangipani is the light relief here. I love them!

seekingmyLord said...

The world down under is just so upside down! Sometimes it is difficult for me to imagine Christmas in the summertime.

Joluise said...

You can keep the humidity, I've had nought for one lifetime:). We are having wet mild weather here and the garden is lovng it.