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Sunday, November 20, 2011

 The temp was hitting 29/30C & it was stifling in town.  Something else to hate about Brisbane.  I should make a list sometime; set it to rhyme. 

We were in at the mall just before lunch ~ & I opted to nip in under QPAC rather than risk the dubious Brisbane parking.  Having being assured the mall was "Just across the Bridge" we hiked.
Alison had all 3 choirs performing outside Myer today.  AVAE is the smallest but a couple of big voices & well trained harmoy [& the mikes of course] meant a big, big sound.  We got really good crowds for all three 1/2 hour gigs.

 Star having a serious moment.  Most of the time she had a grin from ear to ear.

 In between, snacks! I just love the orange polos!  You can see them 1/2 way across town.  Impossible to miss.  You always know when VM is in town!
Exaudi Australis is the showpiece choir.  Older of course & many perform regularly as professionals ~ & boy are they good!  They did the best Rockin' Jerusalem!  Their other piece was Lux Aurumque ~ which has an amazing story & is the *Virtual Choir's* showpiece.  You can hear them here singing the Lux. When it was done virtually every singer rehearsed their part independently & only came together online, yes, online, not in person! for the performance.  The result is truly amazing!  Lovely piece.

Then we went round the corner to JBs to choose videos as part of our non Christmas celebrations.  I have to call them that because I don't actually know what we're doing yet & I have just a week to pull something together.  Isn't life exciting?!


Bonnie said...

Wow--it looks so exciting. Wish I could have been there to hear it. You are such a great Mum! I'm beginning to realize that great Mum's are often in short supply.

Ganeida said...

lol THis is pretty low key as these things go. ☺ I am blessed by Star's participation also so it is a 2 way street! ☺